Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Rite Aid

We've been having some icky weather for the past couple of days; the Red Alert Warning called and woke us up just after 6am Monday morning with severe storm warnings, rain off and on all day. Yesterday was rainy and the wind blew like hurricane speeds. We've been under a tornado watch since yesterday sometime.
Today it's coming Noah's floods.

My son drove my Toy to school today, leaving me his bucket'o'junk to drive if I needed to go anywhere. I said Uh-uh, I ain't going nowhere.
But then after awhile the rain slacked off, and the radar looked like there was a break in the action before the storms fired back up this evening, I decided it should be okay to run to the post office and make a couple Rite Aid runs, the two stores here in my county.

By the time I got done, it was raining so hard, the water couldn't drain fast enough, the parking lot was filling with water. Thought I was gonna have to swim to the car.  No way I was going to try to make it to the other store, 20 miles away. Thought I did good to make it back home.

The store here near the house is a small store, hardly stocks any of the sale stuff, and they're not that easy to get along with. The Shift Supervisor has gotten into couponing since I started shopping there, and I try to help her out, to get in good with her, but, I don't know if she's jealous because I get better deals or what, but she's always got some snide comment to say. Like today, on the Spam and Samy hair stuff, I got four and six +UPs, and she gave a little un-amused laugh and said "Yeah, they're supposed to be fixing where you only get one coupon for those things." (I assume she meant like Limit 1)
I said, "Well if they do, then I'll only buy one of them."
(Reckon that was the point of them taking away the limits?)

Trans #1:
$5.29 Samy Hairspray x 2 BOGO
$4.99 Samy Hair stuff x 4 BOGO
$1.99 x 4 Spam
$1.99 sandwich bags
(*I originally tried to get a couple boxes of Tampax using the $2.00 flu booklet q and $2.00 MQ, but she busted me on the flu booklet q, darn it. Then she said I didn't have enough to use the $5/$25. So I went and got two more Samy and two more Spam.)
-2.00 Samy Vv q
-1.00 Spam flu booklet q
-4.00 +UPs
= $0.22 + 1.10 tax = $1.32 oop
Rec'd $6.00 +UPs Samy, $4.00 +UPs Spam
Final Total $4.68 profit

*Samy deal: This week Samy is BOGO, prices start at $4.99 (not the Fat stuff). There's a Vv coupon with a short code which means it's not a one-time use so you can use more than one (using more than one per transaction is YMMV, since it does say One per customer). Anyway, if you can, buy 2, use 2 Vv coupons, pay $0.99 + tax, and get back $1.00 +UP for each Samy, which makes it about $1.00 profit per 2.

*BTW, there are several new Vv coupons for November that are back to the short codes. Hopefully they are going the way of the +UPs limits, and getting rid of them. Maybe they found out people wouldn't use them as often if they were limited to one. I know I didn't.

Transaction #2: Candy deal
$2.50 x 2 Reese's Fun Size bags
$1.50 x 9 Trident and Dentyne Multi-pack gum
$1.59 x 5 King Size 3 Musketeers Candy Bars BOGO
0.45 Beef Sticks x 2 (user error)
-1.00/2  Reese's Kit Kat etc SS 10/17
-2.00/3 Trident, Dentyne, Hall's etc SS 8/08
-4.00/6 Trident, Dentyne, Hall's etc SS 8/08
(There was also a $1/1 Reese's or Kit Kat Vv coupon that I didn't have)
-0.99 x 5 BOGO 3Musketeers, Twix, Snickers, Milky Way RP 9/26
-10.00 +UPs
=$0.40 + .82 tax = $1.22 oop
Rec'd $10.00 +Ups Candy
Final Total $1.22 oop

Trans #3:
*I had looked for the AlkaSeltzer in the antacid section, not knowing these were Cold/Flu powder things, so located in a totally different part. I just figured they didn't have it, but asked anyway, just for the heck of it, while I was checking out, and sure enough, she took me right to them.
(Then she went to lunch and the SM took over, and first thing he starts in with "We have the right to limit..."  So I said nevermind, and put my coupons away. He took the boxes to return them to the shelf; in the meantime, it's coming a flood outside so I just stand there waiting to see if it's going to let up any, and he comes back and says that I get $2 +Ups on each box, so I'm still getting a little bit of a deal. I still said no. Seven boxes or none. He gives the spiel about "his other customers". Way to make me valued there, pardner. I mean, I'm only earning you money here, no big deal. I'm still standing there, waiting, and finally he says Ok, he'll do it for me. I said I didn't want to put him in the hole or cause him any trouble. He said no, he would do it if I... He didn't finish the statement. I think he was going to say "insisted", which I didn't insist. I just said I wasn't going to buy any. I wasn't worried about it because I go to other Rite Aids that don't mind selling thier stuff. Anyway I just didn't say anything else, bought the Alkies, and left in the pouring rain.)
$4.39 (with 20% disc) x 7
-1.00 x 4 peelie q's found on some of the boxes (I didn't get the $3 mq in my papers)
-21.00 +UPs
=$0.73 + 1.80 tax = $2.53 oop
Rec'd $10.00 +UPs wyb $30 Bayer, $14.00 Alka Seltzer
Final Total $0.47 profit (Not the big mm as those with the $3 mq got, but I'm happy with basically free)
*Pay attention much? Just now seeing there are $1.00 Alka Seltzer Plus IPs at Rite Aid Caregiver.

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Melissa said...

3gakids1521: I'm not exactly sure I understand your question. (Sorry, I think I wasted too many brain cells in my youth.)

When I'm putting together my shopping list/deal scenarios at home, I look first for the item or deals that's going to earn me money, or at least cost me little out of pocket.

When I'm shoping in the store, I either already have the scenario mapped out that I'm shopping from, or I put together deals while I'm shopping.

When I check out I don't usually have any certain order that I do it. Just whatever items I pick up and put on the counter first I guess.

So far, I don't to worry about getting the more +UPs to be able to 'roll' on the next transactions because I have enough from last week, to spend on this weeks stuff, and keep this weeks +UPs to spend on next weeks deals, and so on.

Did tht answer your question at all?
If not, try again, ok.