Sunday, October 10, 2010


I was actually wanting Walgreens to start having good deals again? What was I thinking?? How could I have forgotten how stressful it was to make sure I got this much and that amount and the correct number of whatever and blah blah blah.

I don't know what the heck I did; the Reach was supposed to be giving me $1.01 overage each time, and the Hall's .75 profit each, but according to my calculations, this stuff cost me like $19.00, nearly $20.00??

Maybe I'm figuring wrong. I started out with $7.00 RR. Do I only count those as what I spent? Or do I also count all the RRs I earned and rolled today?

If I'm supposed to add all the RRs, I spent $12.87 in cash, and $33.00 in RRs, making it a cost of $19.87.
But if I only count the RRs I started with, then I spent $12.87 in cash, and $7.00 in RRs, making it a profit of $6.13.
(Neither amount really seems right)

*Adding the Reach and Hall's transactions I did, and subtracting the amount of the items that cost, and tax, it appears that the +6.13 profit is probably correct. Sure don't seem like it.

*Total before coupons, excluding tax, $172.18 (No way that little bit of stuff is worth that much!)

$1.00 Hall's Refresh Lemonade-Raspberry or something like that - only flavor on sale
- .75 Tearpad q found at Kroger awhile back (I saw .55 at CVS today, if you can't find anymore at K)
Get $1.00 RR
= +.25 profit after RR

$3.99 Noxema 4pk Disp razors
-1.00 8/08 RP
Get $3.00 RR
= +.01 profit after RR

$14.99 Contour meter
-10.00 8/08 RP
Get $5.00 RR
= +.01 profit after RR

$3.99 Reach Total Care TB
$3.99 Reach Total Care TB
-3.99 BOGO 10/10 RP
-1.00 10/10 RP
-4.00 Wags in-ad q (takes off 2.00 for each)
= +$1.01 overage in transaction

$10/3 Gillette Body Wash
-2.00 x 3 9/26 PG
Get $3.00 RR
= $1.00/3 (free w/ Reach overage)

$9.00/2 Nivea for Men
-2.00 x 2 10/10 RP
Get $4.00 RR
= $1.00/2 (free w/ Reach overage)

$.80 3-Musketeers Candy
$.79 3-Musketeers Candy
-.89 BOGO  9/26 RP (Tag said .89, or 2/something. I wrote .89 on the q and she put it in)(Apparently sometimes they ring up .89/.70 instead)
-.30/.31 each Wags in-ad
= .09/2 (more like .18/2 if they look at the price it rings up and only take off .80)

$0.25 No Nonsense Knee-Highs (filler items)
$0.34 Caramel candy (emergency filler, first transaction. The BOGO candy q attaches to both bars, btw)


christa said...

Wags is very stressful that is why I have chosen to stick with RiteAid for now. I hope they don't change things up at RiteAid although I wouldn't be surprised if they did. DId you see the deal on Rogaine at RiteAid you get 6$ from 20% wellness disc. overage after you combine the 20/1 vv and 10/1 mani (Rogaine site)on the 29.99 one month supply. YMMV cause the picture on the vv doesn't exactly match but it doesn't beep and thats all my cashier cares about. :)
I have done this deal 3x combined with the bounty and great deal!!!!

Melissa said...

I haven't seen the Rogaine deal, I'll have to check that out! Thanks, Christa!