Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Rite Aid; Round 2

*I heard rumors the blue $5/$25 expiring 10/31 and 11/30 were working again, but wanted to try it for myself first...They DID scan without beep for me tonight.
Rain finally let up, so I headed out to do some more Rite Aid shopping, at a much better store. Better stock, way better customer service. They are so friendly there.

Trans #1: NYC deal
$1.99 x 13 NYC cosmetics (there was an assortment of stuff like mascara, liquid eyeliner, lipstick, lip gloss, etc. for $1.99)
$1.99 x 13 NYC Nail Polish (they also had some nail polish for .99 that would have been free, but if you get the $1.99 nail polish, you get $1.00 +UP for them too)
= $25.87
-1.00 NYC IP x 6 (
-14.00 +Ups
= $.87 + 1.46 tax = $2.33 oop
Rec'd $26.00 +UPs ($1.00 for each)
Final Total $9.67 profit
*I used (3) computers to print the NYC coupons. Even if you can't print any, it's still a bunch of free makeup and nail polish and about a $3.xx profit.

Trans #2: Alka Seltzer
$4.39 (with 20% disc) x 7
-1.00 x 7 IP mq
-18.00 +UPs
=$0.73 + 2.15 tax = $2.88 oop
Rec'd $10.00 Bayer, $14.00 Alka Seltzer
Final Total $3.12 profit

Trans #3: Candy!!! (Messed up!!!)
*There's a $3 +UP wyb $10 Lifesavers, Skittles, Starburst; the Lifesavers peg candy bags are $1.00 each, except the Sugarfree are $1.50, which I didn't pay attention to.
I also didn't count right, and only ended up getting (9) bags, coming up .50 short of what I needed to get the $3 +UP. So I'll try a return-rebuy tomorrow. Hate doing that because if they say they aren't giving me credit for the +UPs I spent, there's gonna be a fight.
Eh, I'll probably just let it go and eat it (eat it, haha). It's not worth the hassle.
$1.00 x 8 Lifesavers
$1.50 Lifesavers
$1.50 x 6 Trident
$2.50 x 2 Reese's
$1.59 King Size 3 Musketeers BOGO
-4.00/6 Trident, Dentyne, Hall's etc SS 8/08
-1.00/2 Reese's Kit Kat etc SS 10/17
-0.99 BOGO 3Musketeers, Twix, Snickers, Milky Way RP 9/26
-14.00 +UPs
= $0.10 + .75 tax = $0.85 oop
Rec'd $10.00 +UPs Halloween Candy
Final Total $4.85 cost (Should have been more like $2.35 instead)

Trans #4: Free Kitty Litter!!!
I don't know if I've missed the sale at Publix, or they quit having BOGO sales on the Tidy Cat, but anyway I've been out of kitty litter for awhile now...about to the point of desperation. I saw the Tidy Cat was over $8.00 for the jug and was just going to grab a bag of cheap stuff for the time being, but then I thought, well, if I can use the $5/$25, that brings it down to $3.something, about  the same price as the smaller bag of cheap stuff.
Then I realized, wait a minute, I get 20% off that price, so now it's down to $6.95, or $1.95 after the $5/$25. I just needed some free stuff to get my total up to $25.00. Or, better yet, profit Samy!
$6.95 Kitty Litter (w/ 20% disc)
$4.99 x 3 Samy BOGO
$0.50 x 6 Butterfinger
-2.00 x 6 Samy Vv
-1.00/2 x 3 Butterfinger Tearpad mq
-4.00 +UPs
=$0.92 + 1.27 tax = $2.19 oop
Rec'd $6.00 +UPs Samy
Final Total $0.19 oop

Grand Total $7.75 Profit

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