Saturday, October 23, 2010


Walgreens didn't have any Nivea, but I rolled some RRs on the Mucinex Spray and Blistex, free after RR, but not free for me on account of I had to buy alot of fillers to be able to use the $3 and $1 RRs I got last time to pay for the $7.99 nose spray. Oh well, the boys like the Wags sodas and I usually buy a few when they're .39 anyway.
I was going to blow my other $1 RRs on the Brach's Halloween candy for .99 this week, but they didn't have the Harvest Mix kind that I like, so I only got one of the Autumn Mix.

I also shopped some Krogers, but only got a few cans of Glory Snap Peas, and Black Eyed Peas, and a Free Yogurt with Oreo Toppings, can't remember the name. Left all that stuff at Momma's anyway.
Crest was all sold out at every store.

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