Saturday, October 2, 2010

Rite Aid

I came home last night and found some new coupons and was ready to do some damage at Rite Aids today!
Started out okay; Store Manager is a total dodo, but at least he tries.

Trans #1
$4.00 x 4 Old Spice Deodorant
$4.00 x 4 Old Spice Body Spray
-1.00/2 x 2 any two Old Spice Products 9/26 PG
-4.00 x 4 Buy Any Old Spice, get Body Spray Free 9/26 PG
-$5/$25 RAq
(Tried to use Skincare Wellness q but he didn't think that would work)
-$8.00 +UP
= $1.00 + 1.89 tax = $2.89 from Gift Card
Rec'd $10.00 +UP
Final Total $0.89 cost

Trans #2
Different Store, but exactly same as Trans #1. Still no love with the Skincare Wellness q on the Body Spray.
Final Total $0.89 cost

Trans #3 Same store as #2
$4.99 x 2 Crest Pro-Health Twin Pack
$2.99 x 2 Oral-B Cross Action
$4.94 x 2 Crest 3D White Rinse (don't know why it charged me $4.94; it was on sale for $4.99)
-1.00 x 2 any Crest 9/26 PG
-1.00 x 2 Crest Pro-Health RA Flu Booklet q
-2.99 BOGO Oral B 9/26 PG
-1.00 Oral B 9/26 PG
-1.00 Oral B Flu Booklet
-2.00 x 2 Crest Rinse (?insert?)
-$1/$10 Oral Wellness q
-$5/$25 RAq
-$7.00 +UP
= -.15 + 1.39 tax = $1.24 from gift card
Rec'd $16.00 +UP
Final Total $7.76 profit

Then I had to go watch my son's Cross Country running meet, and after that took the long way home to pass thru a town with another, larger Rite Aid that usually has the items in stock even this late in the week.
Well, I got there only to find out that I was out of $5/$25 coupons. Can't shop without those, so I came on home to get some more.
Got some more $5/$25 coupons and headed out to my local crappy little Rite Aid I don't go into if I can help it.
I started with the Mucinex deal because I meant to get it this morning but it was too early, the pharmacys hadn't opened yet, and I wanted to get it done before anything happened and I didn't get them (ie. forgot).

So I get the little cards for the Mucinex-D's that I want and proceed to the Pharmacy, where they proceed to tell me I can't buy 2 of them. It's Federal Law. They didn't know why Rite Aid advertised selling 2/$40, when it's freakin' illegal to buy them!

They called the Shift Manager back there, and she said if I wanted to buy one at $20, she'd give me a $5.00 gift card instead, so that's the only choice I had.
Of course then that put my balance at below $25 and they wouldn't even let me use my $5/$25 anyway, even after their company's misadvertising causing so much trouble. Oh well I grabbed another twin-pack of Crest to bring it up.

$20.00 Mucinex-D
$ 4.99 Crest Pro-Health Twin Pack
- 2.00 Mucinex-D Tearpad mq
- 1.50 RA Flu Booklet q (there was also a $1.50 Video Values q, but it was a "49", same as the Flu Booklet q, so I figured they wouldn't let me use it, so didn't bother trying)
*Now I see she didn't even use this one. Gah
-$1/$10 Cold/Flu Wellness q
- 1.00 Crest 9/26 PG
- 1.00 Crest Pro-Health Flu Booklet q
-$14.00 +UP
= $.99 + 1.33 tax = $2.32 from gift card
Rec'd $3.00 +UP Crest, and $5.00 Gift Card for Mucinex
Final Total $8.32 cost

I reckon that's not too bad for a box of 36ct. Mucinex-D. And maybe I'll go do another Toothbrush/Toothpaste deal before the day is over.

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