Sunday, October 31, 2010

Rite Aid

I got my highness out of bed at 8:00 this morning to do coffee deals because I knew if I waited even a day they'd be cleaned out like the Spam was last week.

*Before you think bad things about me, I didn't S&G (smash&grab)...I shopped at (4) different stores and bought an assortment of kinds like French Roast, Columbian and Brazillion besides Regular, and what they had the most of.  One store had a ton of Maxwell House so I got those and left the Folgers. One store had a bunch of Folgers so I got those.  Although I bought (10) at each store, there was a good bit left. I still have alot of coupons left, and it kilt me to not buy every coffee I saw, lol.

The way I was doing my deals was, the coffee is $2.99, minus $1.00 coupon, get $1.00 +UP, so $0.99 after coupons and +UP. I bought (5) at a time so my $5/$25 coupon would pay for that leftover .99 per can, making all the coffee I bought free.

I had to buy *freebies* to get my totals up to $25.00 to be able to use the $5/$25.  I did a combination of:
Splenda $2.99 - 2.00 insert q - Get $1.00 +UP = Free
Mentos $1.49 BOGO - (2) $1.00 insert q's = +.51/2
Tide Stain Release $3.99 - 3.00 insert q - Get $1.00 +UP = Free
Febreeze Noticables Warmer $2.49 - $3.00 insert q; Get $1.00 +UP = +1.51

*I believe the Tide and Febreeze coupons expire today.

In the picture you'll see an assortment of stuff like socks, tshirt, Scott single roll toitey paper, bread, crossword puzzle book, 2011 calendar, crackers....
Some of the stuff I had to get as fillers when I ended up with a good bit of overage from the Mentos.

But the main problem was that the Splenda wasn't ringing up at $2.99. At two of the stores, the Store Manager said since it wasn't ringing up on sale, it wouldn't give the +UP reward, so they would modify price to include the +UP, and sell them to me for $1.99.  Who am I to tell an All-Knowing Store Manager any different?
When they did that, it took my balance below $25.00, and they made me have to buy more to be able to use the $5/$25 coupon. So I was pretty much grabbing whatever I saw nearby.

Funny story: at the first RA I didn't notice the Splenda weren't ringing up right until my total was about $10.00 too high, so when we looked at it, that's when we saw. So she took them off and price modified to $1.99, including the $1.00 +UP. Because I had already paid with coupons, my total came up over $3.00 in the negative. So I went to find something else to buy to bring the total up.
Just so happened I picked Scott single roll toilet paper. I grabbed three of them, at $1.29 each, they should have come up to $3.87. But when she rang them up, I was still $1.18 in the negative. So I went and grabbed another roll, and she rang it up, and nothing changed. We never could figure out what happened. She just opened the drawer and gave me the money.

Looking at my receipt now, I see the Scott single roll tp's are on sale BOGO this week!! Hahaha. What are the chances?

Trans #1:
Used $0.00 +UPs
$0.38 + .76 tax = $1.14 oop
Rec'd (5) $1.00 +UPs Coffee
Final $3.86 profit

Trans #2:
Used $0.00 +UPs
-1.74 + .69 tax = $1.05 She paid me
Rec'd (5) $1.00 +UPs (says Coffee, but had to be for Splenda bcuz I didn't buy coffee in this order.)
Final $6.05 profit

Trans #3 & 4: (Splenda modified to $2.99 like they were supposed to be)
Used $3.00 +UPs
$0.39 + .76 tax = $1.15 oop
Rec'd (5) $1.00 +UPs Coffee, $1.00 +UP Coffee {Splenda}
Final $1.85 profit

Trans #5:
Used $0.00 +UPs
-0.71 + 1.45 tax = $0.74 oop
Rec'd (6) $1.00 +UPs Febreeze, (2) $1.00 +UP {Tide}
Final $7.26 profit

Trans #6:
Used $7.00 +UPs
$0.08 + .45 tax = $0.53 oop
Rec'd (5) $1.00 +UPs Coffee, (3) $1.00 +UP {Splenda}
Final $0.47 profit

Trans #7:
Used $4.00 +UPs
$0.40 + .51 tax = $0.91 oop
Rec'd (5) $1.00 +UPs Coffee, (3) $1.00 +UP {Splenda}
Final $3.09 profit

Trans #8: (Bought 3 double-bundle newspapers)
Used $7.00 +UPs
$0.20 + .43 tax = $0.63 oop
Rec'd 0.00 +Ups
Final $7.63

Trans #9:
Used $5.00 +UPs
$0.43 + .61 tax = $1.04 oop
Rec'd $1.00 +UPs Tide, (5) $1.00 Coffee, (2) $1.00 {Splenda}
Final $1.96 profit

Trans #10:
Used $5.00 +UPs
$0.43 + .89 tax = $1.32 oop
Rec'd $1.00 +UPs Tide, (5) $1.00 Coffee, (2) $1.00 {Splenda}
Final $1.68 profit

Final Total $20. 44 Profit


mamaof4boyz said...

Where/how are you getting your $5/$25 q's....Also if you were buying 5 coffee at a time that only comes to $14.95 what were you using alongside the coffee, I want to go do this!!

Melissa said...

$5/$25 are here:

I was buying either/and/or Splenda, Tide, Febreeze along with the coffee to take my total up to $25.
All those items were free after +UPs, so allowed the $5/$25 to apply to the coffees. See?

I don't think the Tide or Febreeze deals are good anymore, unless there was new coupons in the new P&G, I haven't looked.
But if not, I'm sure there was some other *freebies*, I just can't remember what they are now. Alot of deals use the Video Value coupons, which I'm not very good at watching/printing so I usually skip those deals when there are plenty of other ones for me to do without those.

Anyway, check Southern Savers or Hip2Save or one of the other shopper blogs or message boards that do the ad-matchups, and be sure to read the comments since posters will post deals they've found or put together, too.


mamaof4boyz said...


Mrs. Babcock said...

How in the hell do you come out with a $20 dollar profit?!?!?!?! I am speechless!! I really, really, really hope that I can be as good as you one day haha!

Melissa said...

Love those $5/$25's, and overage.
Keep at it, you can be BETTER than me one day!