Saturday, October 9, 2010


Well I was gonna be smart and go to CVS and do last week's and next week's shop at the same time, but I got there a couple hours too early.
Some of the other stores I shop at actually turn theirs on ealier on Saturday, so I thought maybe this one was just saying it turned on later when it really turned on earlier.....Nope.

Oh well. The only thing I was shopping for next week was the Colgate and Oatmeal, and lawd knows I don't really need either of those.

I don't know how long they are going to do it, but when you scan your card at the red machine, it's been giving a $5.00 off Halloween Decor CRT. I got one on all three of my cards. 
The Spider candle holders and the blinking Skeleton and Pumpkin were 2/$5, so they were free after coupon. Completely free, not even any tax.
Then I got some flickering tea lights which were $4.99. The CRT says *Up to $5.00*, so the cashier entered the coupon for $4.99, and they were free, too.

I also don't know how long this price is in effect, so check on it next week, the Robitussin-To-Go 2-ct. box is/was $0.99, and there's a $1.00 IP Any Robitussin here:
(Change the email adress to print more)

*These aren't on the shelf with the other med stuff, they were in a box hanging on the corner of an endcap, and you pull the boxes out at the bottom. I walked past it at least four times before I saw it. I was looking for little packages like travel size Tylenol and such. These are pretty big boxes, almost like a regular small bottle of cough syrup.

Here's you a Monthly deal; thru Oct. 31st I believe. It wasn't marked at the store I was at, but it worked.
Azo Anti-Itch Cream or Wipes cost $6.99; Get $5.00 ECB (Limit 5)
-2.00 IP coupon from here:
Pay $4.99, get $5.00 ECB

*If you're not familiar with this item, it's on the feminine products aisle.

Trans #1:
$19.95 before coupons (used $4/$20)
$8.50 ECBs used
$0.98 + .50 tax = $1.48 oop
$12.99 ECBs rec'd
Final Total $3.01 profit

Trans #2:
17.95 before coupons (used $5/$15)
$7.80 ECBs used
$0.18 + .91 tax = $1.09 oop
$12.99 ECBs rec'd
Final Total $4.10 profit

*I did the three Halloween transactions separately because there had been reports that it didn't work when you used it with a $/$$ coupon. I had enough other stuff to be able to use my $/$$ without needing the Halloween items to bump up the total.

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