Thursday, October 14, 2010


I wasn't even going to stop. Then I thought, I'm right here, what if I don't go in and it turns out they had more of the Hall's I could have made some profit on?
I was really only planning to get some Hall's, if they had any, pay the quarter+tax and get a $1.00 RR (however many times I could, which I figured would be none.)

Turned out they had everything (except Reach TBs) in stock. Even Noxema razors. Wow.

I used my $5 Contour Meter RR to buy the Nivea.
Then I used the Nivea RR to buy the Gillette/Old Spice BW.
Then I used the Gillette/Old Spice RR to buy the Noxema razors.

I found a tube of the Crest for Me so I did that deal, too.

Then I was trying to get free Total Care Floss:
$3.99 Total Care Floss
-2.00 MQ
-2.00 in-ad q

Again, same as happened with the TBs earlier in the week, the in-ad q only took off $4.00 instead of $6.00.
I didn't catch it until later, until I was way gone, so well.

Trans #1: $0.50 + .04 tax = $.54 oop
Trans #2: $1.17 + .08 tax = $1.25 oop
Trans #3: $0.49 + .03 tax = $.52 oop
Trans #4: $1.96 + .14 tax = $2.10 oop
Trans #5: $.25 + .02 tax = $.27 oop
Total $4.37 + .31 tax = $4.68 oop
(for a bunch of stuff we won't even use and I'll end up giving away)

I'm still having the same sort of brain fart about figuring up the RRs, I need a reminder?
Altogether I used $14.00 RRs, and got $15.50 RRs.
But I only used $5.00 of the RRs I already had, and rolled the rest.
If I mark out the ones I rolled, I end up with $6.50 RRs left from today's shopping.
Hm, well, still $1.50 profit either way I add/subtract them.

I guess my final total today was $3.18 oop after RRs.

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