Friday, October 1, 2010

Rite Aids

Did 5 More Olay deals today.
I was in more of a shopping mood today and was actually going to do some Tooth Stuff and Gillette/Old Spice Stuff deals, too, until I saw I had let my coupons expire yesterday. Argh!
Oh well, the Olay deals got me what I wanted, which was $43.26 in profit for the week, so tomorrow I can do the Mucinex deal. My Mom gave my hubby some Mucinex-D the other day and now he just has to have some for himself.
The Mucinex deal is 2/$40; Get $10.00 +UP. There's $1.50 VV and $1.50 Flu Booklet q's, so it should cost $24.00/2 (plus tax) after coupons and +UP.
Leaving me around $20.00 +UPs to use for next/week after deals.

$1.90 + 9.08 tax = $10.98 spent from gift card
$16.00 spent +UPs
$50.00 rec'd +UPs
Final Total $23.02 profit

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