Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Food Lion

I was right there, so I ran in for some free GD pasta and to test the Pebbles Cereal Catalina. Their cereal was about a quarter more expensive than the store I usually shop, so I only did one deal, to see if I'd get the cat, and I did.

$3.20 Pebbles cereal x 4
-6.40 BOGO Sale
- .75 x 4 mq's (?9/12 SS?)
= $3.40
Got $3.00 Cat for buying (4)
= $0.40/4, or .10 a box

*Those coupons say Marshmellow Pebbles, but all of the boxes are pictured on the coupon, so I've not had any trouble using them on the other Pebbles, too.

$1.00 Garden Delights pasta
-1.00 blinkie or insert or tearpad q

Final Total $0.40 + .35 tax = $0.75 (after Cat)


Cheap&Sweet said...

I was wondering should I buy some coupons but they expire on the 24th, but that is an awesome deal! I would have thought .85¢ was good but now that you got them for .10¢.... haha

Cheap&Sweet said...

Just found out one of food lions printables this week is wanka bag candy $1 off one. hmm wounder if that would make for a good deal after the $1.50 Q? Probably not knowing fl but you might check next time you go if you have any of the the q's left.

Melissa said...

Yeah I was going back to stock up on Pebbles at .10 a box, but as usual, I'm a day late and a dollar short. Thought Wednesday was still Tuesday :-( waaahhh.

I think my $1.50 Wonka q's expired. Are there newer ones I maybe didn't get?

Anwyay, if they were on sale for $3.50 at Kroger, they prolly cost a mint at FL.