Sunday, October 24, 2010

Halloween Project

I found these neat Spooky label stickers at the Dollar Tree store. They came eight to a package, for a dollar, which I thought was a good, cheap cost to create some Halloween decor.
Then I found a, I mean a Wine provide me some empty bottles.
The bigger and the smaller green bottles were the only ones she had. I don't know if there's other sizes/colors. I would like to find some more different bottles, for a variety of different looks.
I put the Red Blood label on too low :-(
I thought it needed to be lower, but then once I got it on there, and didn't like it, that was it, there was no changing of minds.
O well, I have six others I can do better.

I can't show you my spooky Halloween setup because I didn't get my act together and get the Utility room straightened up so I could be able to reorganize my Stockpile, which is mostly stacked and piled like a Hoarder's wet-dream all in the diningroom, and covering my diningroom table.

Some years ago when my hubby still worked on an ambulance, they gave me several of their old white hospital sheets, which I drape over the table and my ladderback chairs.
Then, I looked and looked and looked and finally found, at a yard sale, some black, wrought iron candlabras that look really good (spooky) sitting in the middle of the white-sheet-covered table.
Then I stretch out the spiderwebbing all around everything and put the black, plastic spiders in it.
These wine bottles will look great with the table setup...hopefully next year, because I don't see me getting it together this week :-(

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