Saturday, October 16, 2010

Saturday Outing

Had a great day attending the Wings Over Atlanta Airshow at Dobbins AFB today!
Free parking, Free shuttle, Free admission, All day Aerial Entertainment, including the Canadian Snowbirds and the U.S. Navy Blue Angels! Waahooo! Love those jet engines.

Despite all the Free, they did get us on the food and drink. Bottles of water and cups of ice/coke were $3.00, hot dogs and nachos were $4.00. The Sausage-dog thing my hubby got was $7.00.
Our lunch cost *gasp* $41.00, then we spent another $9.00 on some more drinks later, so $50.00 total.
But that's okay, we generally spend at least that much anytime we go anywhere fun and it was totally worth it!

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