Sunday, October 31, 2010


Different Publix stores, I found plenty of Ronzoni GD pasta; BOGO $1.79, used (2) $1.00 MQs from insert (there are also blinkie and tearpad q's) for +.21 overage per 2.

Yakisoba .60 each, used .50-doubled-to-$1.00 MQ from insert = +.40 overage each (or $4.00 overage on 10).

Found some Vivarin and Sominex; $3.19 each, used $5.00/2 PQ from Green Flyer and $2.00 each MQ from insert, for +$2.62 overage per 2.

The baking potatoes and carrots were free after $1.00 Target IPq.

Used to my overage to buy some Bacon-Bits I needed, and a pkg. of ground beef.

Other deals I did:
The Velveeta is BOGO for $3.85, I got 5, used the $5/5 Kraft IP, and (5) .50 Target coupons. Made them .43 each after coupons.

I've been carrying some Gatorade coupons from some insert since who knows when, the expiration is today, so if you have them RUN!
They currently have the Gatorade Recover on sale for $2.00 each.  There's a $1.00 off a 16.9 oz. bottle PQ in the new Yellow Flyer, and my MQs were for .35, which doubled to .70.  So they were .30 each after q's.

Orville Redenbacher big boxes of popcorn are on BOGO for $4.89, or $2.45 each. I used $1.50 MQ from the Food Lion booklet, "Food You Love For Less" (Thanks, Brandy!), making them .90 each.
There is a PQ in the new Yellow Flyer for $1.50 off 2-ltr Pepsi wyb (2) OR popcorns. At one of the stores they were $1.75, so I paid .25 each, but at the other store they were $1.59, so only .09 after coupon.

But the overage from the pasta, Yakisoba, and drugs paid for most of it.

Trans #1:
*Another one of those Great Math Mysteries I can't seem to figure out. My total was -.79 when I went to checkout. I grabbed a double-bundle of newspapers at 3.00; with .79 overage, I would only pay $2.21 for 2 papers. Not much more than the $1.00 sellers, and saved me a trip to go where the dollar paper sellers are.
As I was checking out, I realized I hadn't allowed for my $5/$25 Rite Aid q that this Publix will take, so I went and grabbed another double bundle of newspapers. According to *my* calculations, the final total should have been $0.21 before tax.
Same as yesterday, all the prices are right, all the coupons were given/used/applied, they all have "-" beside them, so weren't accidently added on instead of subtracted off.
But the total came up to $4.21 plus tax. I cannot figure it out! So aggrivating.
$4.21 + 1.83 tax = $6.04 from gift card
Saved $97.16
Trans #2:
Different Publix, pretty much same deals, the total came out to the penny what I had figured.
$0.40 + 2.13 = $2.53 from gift card
Saved $97.16

Grand Total for everything pictured and (4) Sunday papers, not pictured:
$8.57 from my gift card (no cash oop!)

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