Thursday, October 28, 2010


Good CVS shop; I love the one cashier guy at this store, he never gives me any problem at all. Beeping $/$$ coupons, no problem. Expired ECBs, no problem., nevermind that one...

My Mom had asked me recently did I ever get any deals on furniture polish. I didn't really know because I've not needed furniture polish. I still have the same can of it I've had for the, long as I can remember actually. (Which, I know, generally isn't past yesterday, but seriously, I've had the same can of furniture spray for years and years. Just hardly ever use it.)
Anyway, I saw CVS had them for 2/$6 and there was a $2/2 coupon, making them 2/$4 or $2 each. Probably not the best deal in the world, but I had to buy something to get rid of a $15.00 ECB, so at least I got something somebody needed, and not more candy!!!

Also did the Contour meter deal; $14.99 - $10.00 MQ, get $5.00 ECB = Free.

Since they had them, and I was there, I rolled a couple $5 ECBs on some Azos.

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