Thursday, October 14, 2010


Had another $5.00 OYNO I had to spend, it expired today. Someone got me all excited about Sister Shubert Dinner Rolls, on Mega sale for $1.99, minus a doubled .50 mq from the 10/3 SS, so .99 each. They said these are usually $3.50 each or some such.
I needed more bread like I need another hole in my head, but it sounded like a good deal I guess.

I got over in the bread dept and saw the New York Pizza Dipping Sticks on Mega sale for $1.94, with a .55 cent blinkie hanging on the door. Those don't double, but I LOVE Pizza Dipping Sticks, and I'd heaps rather pay $1.39 a box for those than .99 for a bag of dinner rolls!
But, they only had one box left. Waahhh! Wish I'd paid attention and knew these were on sale, I'd have stocked up with my $5 OYNO cats.

So, I got (4) Sister Shubert dinner rolls, (1) New York Pizza Dipping Sticks (which we've already eaten), (4) Mac'n'Cheese Dinners, and (1) Fuze.
Then I got (10) more Fuze.

I found the .75/1 Fuze tearpad at a Walgreens today.
Even though the Fuze rang up .99, the coupons beeped and had to be pushed thru. Don't know why.

Used the $2.86 overage from the Fuze to buy $2.69 package of bacon.

The Glory Field Peas & Snaps and Black Eyed Peas are also $1.00 at this store (forgot to look at date again.)

Got (6) Lactaids using $2.00 blinkie = .16 each (.95)

$1.50 + 1.35 tax = $2.85 oop
Saved $59.56 (97%)

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