Thursday, October 21, 2010


Dropped by a couple CVS's today, hoping for Schick Rainchecks. Wouldn't you know, they had plenty shavers in stock.

Scanned the Big Red Machine, didn't get anything good.

Still finding the Robitussin-2-Go 2-packs for .99, free after $1.00 IP coupon.

Found those 8-pack funsize bags of M&M's on sale for .99 at the first store. I had a coupon for $1.50/3 from one of the inserts, and then turned out the amount of overage I got from buying the Mentoes was $1.47, so theose ended up being pretty much free:  or .03 + tax.

Store #2 had alot of razors, and no Mentos.
Store #3 had alot of razors and (2) Mentoes, which gave me dang .21 overage to try to do something with.  There wasn't anything in that store under .33, those nasty caramels I don't do nothing but throw away, so I went ahead and got a candy bar that was .50. I'd rather pay .29 for a candy we'll eat, than .12 for one I'll throw in the garbage.

Spent $0 ECBs, got $0 ECBs.
OOP was....less than $1.00

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