Saturday, October 9, 2010


*They were out of the Friskies Natural Selections Cat Treats, but I found out there were BOGO coupons in the 7/18 SS. Since they are .49 after the Mega Sale comes off, the cashier will enter .99 as the price of the coupon. Which makes both free after coupon.

*The Glory $10/10 signs were torn off the BEP and greens. I didn't price check, so I don't know if they are gone off sale at all the stores or not.

*I needed to spend like .40 so I cruised over by the milk cooler to see if there were any Manager Special pints of milk, and I saw they had the quart size of Lactaid for $2.16. I was standing there debating whether I wanted to go all the way back out to the car to my Publix coupon holder, when I looked up and saw the $2.00 blinkies hanging right there! YaY!

Total $0.34 + 1.51 = $1.85oop
(and $1.00 to the Breast Cancer thing. The cashier ambushed me as I was scanning my stuff and asked me. I didn't want her to give me trouble with my coupons so I had to. )
Saved $65.46


Cheap&Sweet said...

Haha thats funny you had too... Coupon karma is a bitch lmao. Ive got to go get some milk.

Melissa said...

It sure is!

I needed milk, too. I bought a gallon at Rite Aid yesterday, and it was already gone by this afternoon. I sure was glad to see that blinkie hanging there. I'd have bought more than 5 if they'd had them.