Monday, November 1, 2010


I only needed 6 more swagbucks for another free $5.00 Amazon Gift Card, so just for the heck of it I typed "Six Swagbucks" in the search field, and it gave me 10 swagbucks!! W00t!

I'm buying the next delicious installment of the Nauti Boys series books. Yum yum!

Why this is so great to me is because, these books are like my drug addiction. I would go to the bookstore and pay full price for these books, then moan and groan about it, wish I hadn't done it...but next time I'm right back out there doing it again.

They were always available to buy used, even $7.17 is still about half-price, but nooo, it wasn't worth it to me to wait. Had to have them RIGHT NOW.

But free, now that's a different story.

I remember (sort of) when I first learned about Swagbucks. I don't remember whose Blog I was reading, but she had told how she'd saved her Swagbucks up and then bought a new set of bedcovers and curtains and such and gave her bedroom a re-decorating for free!

I thought that sounded pretty dang cool!  My homepage was Google anwyay....I'm too lazy to type URLs in so I just type in the name of whatever site I'm looking for and let it find it for me....I could do the same thing with Swagbucks search instead. So I signed up and made Swagbucks my homepage, then carried on as usual. Nothing changed.

I started racking up points and free $5.00 Amazon gift cards. I was saving them up, I guess for a new bedroom make-over, but eventually it occured to me, I don't care much about a bedroom re-do, but I could be getting my *fix* for free. 
I think it occured to me because I was wanting another book, but hadn't had the chance to drive out to a Borders or Barnes&Nobles. I didn't want to have to wait for one to come in the mail if I ordered it from online, but then again, I had already been waiting until I made a tri to the bookstore, so what was another few days?

And then when I placed my order, and the final total was NOTHING, oh man, that was fantastic.

So now I wait, and save, and the end gratification is way sweet.

What else is neat to me is all three of my sons use Swagbucks, too. I didn't tell them they should; I was just talking about it in reference to me, another deal thing I do, like the coupon shopping. But then I guess my middle son thought that sounded pretty darn cool, too, and he went and signed up. Then his older brother signed up, and recently the youngest one jumped on the bandwagon.
My husband even asked several days ago about "What's that site y'all go to you earn all those free Amazon gift cards?", lol.

There's alot more prizes beside Amazon gift cards. Once I got a $10 Starbucks gift card to give as a gift. But otherwise, I dunno, the Amazon cards just seem like the best deal for the points/money to me. There are other gift cards you can get for less points, but Amazon has everything. I love books, so that's what I buy, but my middle son has gotten an Army canteen and a tshirt and a knife and some other things I can't recall at the moment from Amazon.

Search & Win Search & Win


Amy said...

Can I use more then 1- $5.00 swagbucks gift card on 1 purchase?

Melissa said...

Yep! When you get several of them saved up, when you go to place your order at Amazon, on the payment screen it will have a field for you to enter the gift card number. You just keep entering the numbers and it accumulates. And even if you don't spend the whole amount, it will save the rest in your account for next time. Says it never expires.

Amy said...


Amy said...

I was saving up for a $50.00 Amazon card, but just figured out that buying 10- $5.00 cards is "cheaper" then the $50.00 one! :D