Sunday, November 7, 2010

Half Off Depot and stuff

I shopped alot last week, and knew I was skidding real quick towards burnout. So on Friday I figured I'd go ahead and do myself on in, had an all day shopping marathon, and then swore to not even so much as look at next week's sales until sometime next week. If I missed a great deal by not jumping up early Sunday morning, oh well!

Yesterday morning was one of those rare Saturday mornings when the ol' man didn't have to be at one of his jobs, or Ryan didn't have some fire dept. training or function, or Kevin didn't have a sports event...You couldn't have pried me out of my nice, warm bed had the house been burning down around me, lol.
I turned the tv on Boomerang channel and listened to old cartoons like Pixie & Dixie, the Hair Bears, Scooby-Doo, etc. as I snooooozed the morning away.

Eventually I got hungry and got up and started cooking breakfast. I made the biscuts and gravy; Johnny came in and fixed the eggs and grits. After I ate I went back to bed for a nap, while he cleaned his huntin rifle.
Later he carried the newspapers off to the recycle bin, and I cleaned up the kitchen and cleaned out kitty's litter box. Then went back to bed for another nap, while he cleaned the microwave.
Later he cooked chili and cornbread for supper, and I washed his work uniforms.

While I was eating dinner, I checked my email, and then my blog, which led to reading message boards, and at 7:00 pm last night I decided I wanted to go to CVS and make one more Rite Aid run for the week. And since it was across the street, go to Kroger to see if they had any GD pasta to make some free other stuff.

Johnny's on duty at the fire station today, so I had to wake up to kiss him off. Nice it wasn't a pain getting him up this morning since we got to sleep an hour later. Ahhh, I love Fall-back time.
I slept in and then I got up and started working on cleaning up from last night's chili dinner. Have to let a sinkfull soak before I can wash them, then do another sinkfull.
I also paid the bills today. Yuck chore, I hate that one. But it's nice that I can pay all but one online, so not a bunch of writing checks, addressing envelopes, stamping, mailing...or else running around here and there to pay them, like the *good ol' days*.

Checked my email, and got a notice from Half Off that the big deal today is a 30-lap Nascar experience. Regular price $349.00; on sale for $159.00.

When we vacationed in Charlotte, NC a couple years ago, John and Ryan did a Nascar experience thing there they were able to ride as a passenger in a racecar, going around the track at a pretty good clip.  They LOVED it.
But Ryan has always wanted to actually DRIVE a racecar. His Dad never had time, and we never had the kind of money, to have been able to get him into all the go-cart and dirt-track racing. (He tried some race car driving on his own, on the wrong road around here, which is why he now has a titanium cage around the vertibrae in his neck that he broke when he rolled his Mustang.)
The Richard Petty Driving Experience starts at like $450 for 8 laps (their 30-lap program costs over $1200.00!!!!), so needless to say, he didn't get to do that either.

At any rate, this Be A Stock Car Driver thing looks interesting; it's 30 laps, and they give you a free, personalized race suit, training, lunch, and 30-laps on the racetrack at the location (Gresham Motorsports Track in Jefferson, GA. Don't know where that is, but we'll find it!)

It's also a competition, and if you do good, you'll be invited back for another session. The next (4) sessions cost $349, so I'm pretty sure most everyone will do good enough to be invited back, haha.
But then supposedly if you make it all the way through to the semi-finals and finals, those are free, and you could possibly a win a full season of racing in a 2012 Nascar series.

Yeah...for $159.00, I think we'll be happy with a free racing suit and 30 laps.
It starts sometime next February, so I bought it for Ryan for a Christmas present.

The Half Off Depot site has several different cities where businesses offers half-off tickets for awhile.
Around the Atlanta/N.Ga area there was all kinds of half-off tickets for corn mazes, pumpkin patches, haunted houses and such around Halloween. I'm hoping for some good discounts on Christmas events. Lots of discount restaurant vouchers, attractions, shows, sporting events, vacations, massages, fitness, etc.
So check it out and see if there's any areas near you, or somewhere you might be going in the future. You might be able to find some good discounts.

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