Monday, November 8, 2010

Food Lion

If you need this stuff, it's on sale for some pretty good prices this week at Food Lion.

The Pillsbury Flour is on sale for $1.50 each.

The Crisco Oil is $1.99, and there was a .55 off coupon in this past Sunday's 11/07 RP, which makes it $1.44.
(My store doubles, so they were .89 for me)

The Banquet Fruit pies are .79 each, and there's a .35/1 coupon in the 10/24 SS
These DO work with the Buy 5, Get $2.00 of Instantly promo.
$0.79 x 5 = $3.95 - $2.00 promo - .35/1 x 5 mqs = $0.20/5 pies
(The .35/1 doubled at my store, which gave me $1.55 overage per 5 pies)

(I used my overage to pay for my Flour and Oil.)

The Banquet Pot Pies are also reported to work for the deal, I didn't get any today, though. The only coupon I know of for those is a .60/6 out of one of the old Banquet meal boxes.
(Price w/o coupon) $.79 x 5 = $3.95 - $2.00 promo = $1.95/5, or .39 each (Good price!)
(W/ coupon) $.79 x 6 = $4.74 - $2.00 promo - .60 mq = $2.14, or  $0.36 each
(At doubling stores $0.79 x 6 = $4.74 - $2.00 promo - $1.54 mq = $0.26 each)

On the refridgerator of the case at one of the stores I shopped this morning there was a sign that read about the Buy 5, Get $2.00 instantly Promo, saying the deal goes on through 11/16, and that participating items (among others) included All Banquet Products.
Well, the Banquet Brown 'n' Serve sausage patties DID NOT count.

Butterfingers are BOGO .99; I used $1.00/2 Tearpad coupons found weeks or months ago at Kroger.

The 5ct. cans of Piilsbury cinnamon rolls were on sale $5/5, and I had .35/1 mqs from the 9/12 GM insert. Those doubled to .70, making the rolls .30 each. I wasn't sure if they were counting towards the Buy 6, Get $3.00 OYNO cat deal, but I figured they were so cheap after coupon, it didn't matter if I got the cat or not.
But I did get it, YaY!!

Even if you don't get double coupons, this deal is pretty good:
$1.00 x 6 = $6.00 - .35 x 6 mqs = $3.90 oop; Get $3.00 OYNO = $0.90/6, or $0.15 each!!

Final Total $5.17 oop; Rec'd $3.00 OYNO = $2.17 cost


Cheap&Sweet said...

?? My ad said one deal per transaction did you do more than one per? Because I need a ton off chef boyrdee (how ever you spell that) after promo its like .60¢ a can best price Ive found in a while. And buying five at a time sucks.

Melissa said...

No, ma'am, I had to do all separate transactions.
Why I waited to this morning to go, instead of yesterday, they weren't hardly busy. The couple of times someone came in line behind me, I circled around and got back in line again. Went pretty quickly, though.

Cheap&Sweet said...

Well that sucks, actually that grinds my gears! lol the add says 10 for 10 buy 5 get $2 off. Hello you want me to buy 10 but only get one $2 reward? lol oh well Ive kinda decided we dont need that much chef anyway! lol have a good day!

Melissa said...

I know, I was going to email FL and tell them, you know, I lived so far away it's not worth it to me to drive there for 1 deal, and Kroger lets you get like 5 or 6 Mega deals.

But then I thought, wait a minute! I go to Kroger and find alot of stuff gone because people are able to get 5 or 6 mega deals. But most people won't do multi-transactions at FL like I will, so I'm usually able to find stuff in stock when I go.

So I decided to not shoot off my own foot, lol.

Earthy Mama said...

I am stoked about the free Birdseye! I'll be stocking up on that for sure. (just wish it wasn't "limit 2" ugh...lots of transactions.)

RC Koala said...

I think Earthy Mama said it best.

Melissa said...

Have you tried getting more than the limit? I've bought more than the "Limit 2 free" at my store and gotten the sale price on all of them.

Back during the cheese sale, someone mentioned possibly subverting the limit 2 free if you got different varieties, for instance, 4 sliced cheese and 2 shredded cheese.

That did work for me, but then I found out it worked anyway getting all the same variety of something, so that maybe no help if your store has it really fixed in place tight.