Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Small CVS shop; they were out of Contour meters, and I didn't have the Didge meter (figured it'd be a PITA trying to use a $25 IP that you know is going to beep...any q over $10 beeps for Manager approval, but alot of them like to make up other reasons for it).

The $3.00 10/31 PG q's beeped on my Pulsar's. She said they weren't included (in the ANY Battery Powered Toothbrush coupon), but she'd give it to me anyway. Mighty white of her.

The Cold Buster is another one of those hidden deals, this week only: $8.99, get $8.99 ECB.

The Big Red Machine gave me a $1.00 off CVS Brand Oral Care. They had some toothbrushes for .99, and a travel pack travel-toothbrush/flosser thing for $1.29. I got a toothbrush travel carry thing. It was $1.19, but I figured I could upgrade from carrying our toothbrushes in ziplock baggies when we travel....then I wondered why? there's nothing wrong with ziplock baggies as toothbrush carriers. Oh well, I sure didn't need another toothbrush.

Used $10.00 ECBs

$2.16 + 1.27 tax = $3.43 oop
Rec'd $4.00 ECB Oral-B, $8.99 ECB Cold Buster
Final Total $0.44 COST (sorry, my math skills stink)

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