Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Holy cow, who turned me loose in the Target! All I went looking for was some clearanced socks.

The plastic water bottles was on clearance for only $0.48 each. They are pretty light and not bulky, I thought they might be good to have on our trip in a couple of weeks.

I had been thinking recently that I wanted some of those magazine storage things to be able to put my coupons in so they would take up less space, but gosh I hate buying storage solutions. I always think, with a little inginuity, one can create/make their own storage solutions.
But, so far, I hadn't been able to come up with any good ideas, and I didn't figure I'd find a better deal than these, clearanced at $1.50 each.

The Emergency PC game was clearanced to $2.48, that'll make a nice Christmas present for Ryan, my middle son, whose a volunteer firefighter.

The Pez I'm still kinda mad about. They were clearanced to $0.49 each and I thought I couldn't pass them up, but I had said a long time ago I wasn't going to collect any more Pez. I already have like (2) big Rubbermaid tubs full of them packed away in the storage room. I don't want anymore!!

Total Spent $18.36 + 1.21 tax = $19.57 (ow! ow! ow! OW!)


Earthy Mama said...

ugh. Something about Target! I hit the Halloween clearance- my kids trade their candy for something fun- and they each got two costumes (for dress-up) and a few other things... $28 dollars later... OUCH! That hurt!

Melissa said...

I know, crazy ain't it.

I don't know if you shop thrift stores much, they are usually good places to get cheap costumes for dress-up after Halloween.

Me and my sister used to go buy them up and clean/repair them as needed and put them away to sell in kids' consignment sales or on ebay the next year.

Funny enough, I made more on the adult costumes than I did kids.