Sunday, November 28, 2010

I'm Baaack!

I'm home. Not happy to be back  :-( 
Had a great time! It's still like June in Key West and Mexico. I loved it!
(Did NOT love the constant harrassment from the locales wanting us to come into their shops to buy stuff. It was like Used-Car-Saleman-Hell!)

We thought toothpaste was expensive in America?? It was $35.00 in Mexico!!

LOL, just kidding. That's in pesos; it's the equivalent of about $2.80 in the Estados Unidos.

Got unpacked and have been doing laundry all day, scanning photos and trying to work a little on my travel blog. 
Looked a little bit at some of the sales for this week, but didn't see anything really exciting. Or maybe I just can't concentrate on it yet.
Got to get my rear in gear or Christmas will sneak up on me fast!


3GAKids1521 said...

So Glad you had alot of fun! I don't think I would like to come back from vacation either. Alright, I have been wiggin' for the Rite Aid deals. Have to start doing a little better though 'cause I don't feel like I have been getting the best deals. Have put alot of money into it working on household needs and gift basket paraphenalia, so, need a couple more good deals to finish it up.

Melissa said...

If you don't already, the best sites to follow for Rite Aid deals are "West Coast Savings", "I Prefer Publix", Slickdeals forums, and

Unlike other sites that just do the ad-matchups, these go further in depth and update thru the week and post about unadvertised deals, hidden deals, *accidental* deals, etc.

I gotta get busy myself.

Thanks, I did have a great time. On alot of our vacations I'm ready to come home after a few days, but I could live fulltime on a cruise ship with no problem.
Or Key West.
Or sunny Mexico.
I'm not too picky. Just need Heat!

3GAKids1521 said...

It's funny what people believe as their prime spots to vacation. I would definitely do Mexico, but, I think my all time thought for the perfect vacation for me would be to take a fall vacation up to Maine when the weather would be crisp and comfy and go about the time when they started having their "festivals" and enjoy the fresh lobster. I don't think I would want to come back..hehe!

I have been to the sites you have listed and to make just a simple comment, I don't think the girl who does the is really into it anymore. I have been following her for a while and it has just got a little generic. I mainly use that site for the preview of the upcoming weeks ads. I think that is the reason I was driven to your site. I like that you post your pictures and then post your deals. It gives me a little spark knowing that I can follow your lead and make a great deal. I will say, I think I am pretty close to christmas being done except for my honey. Good lord, I have no idea what to get him. I have already sunk the deal for the 42" tv and entertainment stand, but, that's kind of a "whole family" gift since it's not personally his, so, I am struggling.

Melissa said...

LOL, people do like different things. I've seen pictures of Maine (or the NE) in the Fall. Very pretty!

Aw, bad to hear about Iheartriteaid. Sorry to say I haven't visited the site in a long time myself. Between the other three sites I'm kept busy. But she was originally where I got the idea to post pictures and details of my shops. But back then it was all about iheartcvs.

My hubby wants a new gun. He has to buy that himself, so I'm off the hook this time. Yay!

I dunno, some years I won't have a clue, and then out of the blue I'll see just the perfect thing for him.
Then again, some years I don't and he'll end up with some tool he didn't really need or some such.

There's always your local or online Adult Items shop. Matching boxers/lingerie, lotions and potions and naughty candies, etc.
This gift to be given in private, of course ;-)

What tv did you get? I was looking at the 42" LED one for $499 at WM.
I'm still having a hard time talking myself into buying another tv when the one we have still works so I haven't really looked too hard for deals on them.