Sunday, November 14, 2010


$2.00 EAS bars x 10
-3.00/2 PQ from Family Style Mag x 5
-2.00 Free Bar IP x 10
= $15.00 overage

$3.00 Double Bundle newspapers x 5
= $15.00

$3.99 Vitamins x 8
-6.00/2 PQ Green Flyer x 4
-3.00/2 IP x 4
= $4.08 overage

$0.60 Yakisoba x 2
- .50 (doubled) x 2
= $.80 overage

$4.69 Nesquik

$1.81 + 3.32 = $5.13* from gift card
Saved $76.28

*Total actually should have been -.19 plus tax, but I told the girl three times it would need Manager Override and she just would not listen to me, and kept trying to scan it and scan it. So I finally said, nevermind, I'll just pay and take it to the Customer Service desk. So I went and got $2.00 cash back, so my actual oop was $3.13; all tax.
But I am good with paying three-bucks for 10 papers, Nesquik, and all those Vitamins my Dad requested.


Jacob said...

HUGE savings... wow.... impressed.

Melissa said...


Seymour6 said...

just stumbled on your blog and am following! I love the drugstore game, but I stick mostly to Rite Aid. I hate Wags rules and the closest CVS is 25-30 miles away. With their limit 1 per household, it hardly makes it worthwhile.

Hope you enjoy your cruise!

Melissa said...

Welcome! and thanks, I did enjoy it, muy mucho.

I strongly dislike my local Rite Aid, and we don't have any other stores anyway (just Walmart, Ingles and IGA), so I drive 20+ miles to other towns and shop multiple stores to try to make the drive worth it.

Sometimes - when I'm in the right mood - I just see Wags rulz and CVS limits as a challenge. All part of The Game :-)