Thursday, November 4, 2010

Rite Aid

I'm not sure I can even explain this deal today.

First off, I have so many +UPs I needed to start doing something with them, but I didn't want a bunch of useless junk, so I decided to try to get a $25 Sears gift card.  Some stores will let you, some won't.  (+UP says No Prepaid cards...isn't that Phone cards? Or those PrePaid Visa?...nothing about Gift cards.)

Then I got a couple of coffee and Splenda and Summer's Eve.

My total was more than $25, but less than $30, and I was wanting to spend $30 +UPs. So I saw the Fritos were $2/5 and get $1.00 +UP...I needed Fritos anyway and $2.00 is what I usually pay, I think.

Anyway then I was still somehow $1.25 under $30.00!  So I said ok, I'll get a Coke. With my 20% disc, it should be just about that much.
But then I saw a coupon on the fridge door, get $1.00 off a 20oz. and a Reese's PBC. Reese's are 2/.88, or .44 this week, so it the Coke and Reese's only came up to  .63 after coupon. So I grabbed another Reese's, and was still under so I grabbed something called a Cow's Tail. (No idea)

Was I smarter than a doorstop, I'd have thought to get another Coke, and 2 Cokes and 2 Reese's minus two $1.00 coupons would have been $1.26.

*The cashier rejected my 11/30 $5/$25 coupon, saying that was the one they were told they couldn't accept anymore.  So I handed her a 12/31 one, and she said she couldn't accept that one, either. I questioned it so she called the Manager up.
He said he'd gotten an email about someone had duplicated the coupons so they were told not accept them anymore. I told him I knew about that, it happened last week (or week before last?), but that they'd isolated the fraudulent ones, and had started accepting the legitimate ones again.
No, he says, they got an email telling them not to accept ANY $5/$25 coupons, but he thought he could accept my 12/31 one because I got it in the mail.  (Huh?)
I asked him was this a recent thing, because I had just shopped at RA yesterday and heard nothing about it. He just nodded and said yes, but didn't say how recent.
I came home and read the message boards, and no one else is reporting that RA has as of last night or this morning completely stopped taking $5/$25's. So I'm thinking he (1) misuderstood the email, and (2) is way behind.

Here's my problem, he's my brother-in-law's first cousin (what? all southerners are related ya know, lol). Anyway, I'm afraid if I call CS to try and get him updated that he'll get in trouble. Or feel like I got him in trouble. Or implied he was a liar because I didn't believe what he said.

So, I guess, my only resort is to not shop that store anymore until someone else can get them straightened out about it.  :-(

She didn't have any problem with me buying the gift card, I just forgot to get it out of my purse for the picture.

Todays totals:
-$30.00 +UPs
$.79 + .38 tax = $1.17 oop
Rec'd $2.00 +UP Coffee, $2.00 Splenda, $1.00 Fritos
and $25.00 Sears Gift Card
Final Total $1.17 cost

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