Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Hola, amigos y amigas!

I'm practicing the pitiful little amount of Spanish I know because this time next week I'll be in....well, Key West, but the next day we'll be in México hermoso, soleado (sorry, I had to cheat and use a translator for that one).
I've been trying to get ready for our trip...my (almost) whole familia is going, and *I* am the trip planner. Meaning, *I* am the one to make sure everyone is entertained in the ports.
In Key West, we're going to see Ernest Hemingways' 6-toed cats, have our pictures taken at Southernmost Point, and try frozen-chocolate-covered-key-lime-pie-on-a-stick.

In Cozumel, I had planned for us to spend the day touring some Mayan ruins and some time on the beach, swimming in the clear, beautiful caribbean waters. Sooooo niiiiice.
Anyway, my co-travelers changed their minds and decided they didn't want to do that afterall, so now we're basically back to wandering around the town looking at the tourist shops. Blah. BTDT.

Point being, I've had all that on my mind, (among other stuff this past week), and not my coupon shopping so much lately. So thanks for bearing with me, and hopefully - if judging from past experience - I generally snap back into it after taking a break like this.

In other news, today is my Birthday and me and Johnny's 21st wedding Anniversary.

He got a new Scope for his huntin rifle, and I/we got (4) tickets to Cirque Dreams: Holidaze.

Not to be confused with Cirque du Soleil, which I would love to see one day, but the show coming to Atlanta is called Ovo, and is about bugs/insects. Thaaaaat didn't sound too interesting to me.

On the other hand, I love, love, love, love, love Christmas Productions. I've even seen the Atlanta Ballet perform The Nutcracker, and I could care less about ballet usually.
So this Cirque Dreams: Holidaze looked just perfect. I'm excited to see it!

He also gave me a $30.00 Walmart gift card, bu it wasn't actually a prezzie; he'd gotten it as a bonus in his paycheck from the Dr's office. Instead of a turkey, I guess (thank goodness! I just gave away a turkey last week that had been in my freezer for over a year!).
He said I should buy me something I want, but I don't know that I want anything that I'm willing to spend $30.00 on anymore - even a free $30.00! - haha!

I think I'll search up one of the Walmart Deals blogs and see how much I can get cheap using coupons.
Usually I wouldn't coupon shop at WM unless the coupon made the item free, or possibly a couple of cents...nothing like .45 or .67 or .98, though.  But with a free $30 gift card, then I guess I could.


Cheap&Sweet said...

Happy B&A!!!! I have to admit I am seriously sad you are not coupon shopping, you know you are my inspiration, and just now jumping back in and also starting my rite Aid, so this not the best time for you to go sailing around the world. lol Just kidding have fun on your trip!

Melissa said...

Thanks for the B&A wishes!

You want Rite Aid inspiration, you need to check out Kelly's West Coast Savings and Brandy's I Prefer Publix blogs. (The links is over there----->)

They put me to friggin shame even when I'm not preparing to sail around the world, or even just down the coast a piece, lol.

Cheap&Sweet said...

Hahha I was just thinking maybe you could go (coupon) shopping in mexico! Lmao they'd be like WTF?

Earthy Mama said...

Happy Birthday! And anniversary! :)

And, bah! You're great at the q's!! No self-doubt!

Have a great triP!!!!

Melissa said...

LOL, Paige. I did read they have a CVS down there...other travelers say you can go in there and buy antibiotics off the shelf, that you need a script for here, for cheap.

I did wonder if they took ECBs? lol

Thanks, Brandy!

We're not leaving 'til Sunday. I'm planning to get my hiney out there shopping at some point this week.
Hopefully tomorrow; hopefully the weather will be better than it was yesterday and today.

3GAKids1521 said...

Well, I didn't surf my blogs last night so I missed your Birthday and Anniversary, but, Happy Belated both. Hope you had a wonderful day yesterday.

Wanted to mention to you to definitely comment on how your Cirgue Dreams: Holidaze trip went. I am definitely thinking about it myself. Trying my best to get in the Chrismas spirit and maybe that would help a little.

Melissa said...

Thanks, 3gakids1521. Apparently my birthday has been extended another day anyway...my Aunt called to sing to me this morning, lol.

I will let you know how we enjoyed the Cirque show, but I am already pretty sure I am going to love it. I love production shows; the music, bright colors, lights, acts. And I REALLY love Christmas productions.

Would you be seeing it at the Cobb Energy center too? Because if so, we won't be going until like Dec. 2nd, and the last show is the 5th, so I don't know if that allows much time for you to decide.

I try to hold off on the Christmas spirit until after Thanksgiving, on account of I'm so susceptible to all the commerciality, I get excited when the the stores start putting out the stuff and all, but then I end up tired and aggrivated with the whole deal by the time the holiday actually gets here.

Usually, once T'giving dinner is over, I set my radio on All Christmas Music All The Time (B98?) and Black Friday morning kicks off my Christmas Season.

I'm not getting a Black Friday morning this year. So I guess this show will be the start of my Christmas Season.
I'm pretty sure it'll be good for kicking some Christmas spirit into me, but then I'm more into the colorful glitz and fantasy of Christmas.

3GAKids1521 said...

I will definitely have to hurry up and look for tickets to the show then since I just found it on your blog today. What site did you buy them on? We have been looking to do something different and that would fit the bill.

B98.5 is the radio station I think you are talking about for All the time Christmas music and yeah, I love it but sometimes I get in the car in the morning and have to take a break from it. HeHe.

Black Friday will come and go, enjoy your vacation, I think you will enjoy that alot more! I will only be getting in it for the Toys R Us deals. I think that will pretty much do me in.

Melissa said...

I went through the Cobb Energy Center website. Click on Calendar and then click on one of the Holidaze symbols and it will open with a link to Ticketmaster.

I read on a website that if you use code UNITED at checkout you can save $5 per ticket, but it's only on like the Dec 1st and 5th shows, if I remember rightly. We couldn't make it to either one of those.

I haven't even glanced at any BF sales, so won't even have any idea what I'm missing.
I was kind of stressed when I heard there was going to be a PG in the Thanksgiving paper, but then I just said, eh, whatever.