Saturday, November 13, 2010


Thanks to my poor, sick son for coming downstairs to babysit his Granny while I got out of here for a little while tonight.  (Sorry for the sqeenched-up looking picture, I had to try to use the top of my little livingroom is currently infested with MIL.)

I only wanted one thing when I went to Kroger tonight....well, really two things...Crunchberries cereal, and GD pasta overage to pay for it.

Nope, you don't see any Crunchberries cereal.

They had plenty of GD pasta. Turned out, I didn't know it, all the Ronzoni pasta was on Mega sale this time, so I could have gotten different, but didn't bring my other Rz coupons. Oh well.
I got 30 boxes of pasta for an overage of $6.30.
Then I got 15 cans Chunky soup at a cost, after coupons, of $7.35.
So my 15 cans of soup end up costing $1.05.
I'm good with that.
(The Temptations cat treats were free after coupons, just needed five to reach my ten-count total with the fifteen cans of soup.)

Also got 10 quarts of Lactaid, using $2.00 blinkie coupons, so they ended up costing $1.60 altogether.

That's $2.65 total.
But I had $12.00 worth of OYNO cat coupons expiring today I needed to use (I thought about just keeping them and seeing if I could finagle them through tomorrow to buy newspapers, but then I figured, if something comes up tomorrow like it has nearly every other day this week and I don't get to go anywhere and $12.00 grocery money went to waste, I would go absolutely bazonkers!)

So with the rest of the OYNO money I bought bacon, (3) Big K colas, (2) pkgs. ground beef, and a pizza crust mix.
That's it.
I totally don't feel like I got my money's worth.

To make it even worse - this is the reason I don't like doing big shops with lots of coupns - the guy missed a coupon.
Apparently the only thing to do in a small town on Saturday night is to go Krogering. The place was packed, he was hurrying. I wasn't about to stand there and hold up the line trying to get him recount over 50 coupons for a dollar.
Instead of $1.73, my total was $2.73.  And then tax was even more than that, like $2.77.
So on top of already not feeling like I got my $12.00 coupons worth, I had to pay $5.05 in cash, too.

I woulda been happy getting the bacon, colas, ground beef and pizza crust mix for five bucks if I was still in possession of about $10.00 of my $12.00 cats.


Earthy Mama said...

Isn't it pathetic how we think now that we've been doing this for so long? Most people would be scraping their jaws up off the floor after seeing you paid $5 for all that, but for us, it's like, no man, that sucks!

I did the same today- I did awesome at Publix, but spent like $20!! (ALL tax! Stupid 9.5% sales tax! I'm usually good about figuring tax into the deal, but I was coupon training a friend and wasn't paying close enough attention. le sigh.

Alicia said...

So nice to know that other people get their brains in knots over a missed coupon. I will sit in the parking lot and call a coupon friend to talk me down off the ledge so that I know it's alright to walk away. People that actually pay for their groceries just don't understand! :)

Melissa said...

Brandy - Exactly!

$20 in tax - OWCH! I thought $3.00 tax was alot yesterday. I probably would have fainted :-0

Alicia - lol, hey, a dollar is alot of money in our game, right.
Had I not had to be getting right back home, and there hadn't been six people in line behind me, that boy woulda been recounting all those coupons, heh.