Thursday, November 11, 2010

Chat Post

Paige: What coupons are they, the $2.00 off Any Beneful package? Kroger has the little bowls of Beneful wet food for like $1.99. 

Seda: I know we are really lucky to get doubles at some of the stores I shop. I didn't realize until I started coupon shopping that stores everywhere didn't do it.
What kind of grocery stores are there in Utah?
PS, I remembered we own some land in Utah, somewhere. Iron County, I think.

3gakids1521: I'll be glad to help you with the Food Lion thing best as I can.

First off I'll refer you to the message board site, Food Lion forum.
Of all the message board sites, I find this one to be the most helpful for the Food Lion shopping. The WUC ladies post the ads (early when they can) and pick out the best deals and post useful and helpful info.
They don't get doubles or matching prices, though, so I have to try to figure out that on my own.

1. Double coupons with a value of up to .60 cents.
That means like a .25 q will double to .50, a .50 q will double to 1.00, a .60 q will double to 1.20....but a .75 q will still only be worth .75 cents.

There is an exception to this rule, as I found out. Like Kroger, the coupon will only double to Shelf Price. For instance I had picked up alot of .55 off Bumblee Tuna pouches blinkies, thinking they'd double to 1.10 and get me some overage. Nope. They doubled to .99 cents.

You do still get full double if an item is on sale for a lesser price, but the Shelf Price was more than the value. For instance, the Ronzoni pasta was on sale for BOGO $1.39. I had .55 coupons that I thought would only double to .79 each, but they did double to $1.10, because the shelf price of the pasta is $1.39.

2. They accept Competitors coupons.
At my stores, this is Kroger, Publix, and Ingles. No drug store, and not even Super Target.  Your store may accept different ones, so you just have to ask.

My stores don't allow you to use "stack" a competitor coupon with a manufacturer coupon.

They don't even allow you to stack a Food Lion store coupon with a manufacturer coupon.

Your store(s) may not be as stupid as mine, though, so ask.

3. Match Competitor's Prices.
If Kroger, Publix, or Ingles (whatever your store considers a competitor) has a sale price on an item you'd prefer to buy at Food Lion, take the sale ad along and they'll match the price.

This works out nice if you have a .55 or .60 coupon that won't double at Publix or Kroger, but will at Food Lion.

Other than the Bumblebee Tuna packs, I haven't been able to put together any kind of list of stuff at regular price that you can get cheap or free using .55 or .60 doubled coupons. 

Just ask any other questions you have.


Earthy Mama said...

Which FL is doing the doubles, etc? I think we might be in town the Saturday after Thanksgiving, so if there are any good deals that week, might have to stop in. lol.
I think we're just gonna be there for the day.

Melissa said...

If you'll be around Dallas, the store at Hwy. 61 and Hiram-Sudie Rd. and the one at Hwy. 61 and Brownsville Rd.

It says "Metro Atlanta" stores, but I don't what all ones are included in that area.
The Armuchee one (outside of Rome) is not.

Did you see WUC has the early paper for 11/17 - 11/25? I know, the week before you'll be here. But apparently the Birdseye go for another week.
Good news for me since I haven't been able to get out this week :-(

3GAKids1521 said...

Looking to see if this comment works. I have now the two options of Name/URL or Anonymous where I didn't have it before.

3GAKids1521 said...

Well good, I see that since that came up in the drop down window as an option, I know can choose the Name/URL and fly with it. WooHoo!

Melissa said...

Yay! You can still use the smaller chat thing, but this should be easier for longer conversations, questions and answers like.

3GAKids1521 said...

Thanks! I will do it this way from now on and sorry about that by the way.

Melissa said...

No no, don't be sorry. I needed to change the settings so you could post comments. It's all good :-)

Seda said...

I live in Pleasant Grove and have no idea where Iron County is! haha. Around me there are Targets, Walmart, Fresh Market, and Smiths. There is also a store called Ridley's. I never shop there though. It's like Albertsons I guess. And NONE of these stores sell that Smart Balance milk!! I'm so bummed bc I have 10 $2 off coupons!

Melissa said...

Heh, I have no idea where it is, either.

According to Google maps, it's about 225 miles south of you.

Stinks about the Smart Balance q's, but maybe you could trade them for something else you use and is available around there.

If you have a Rite Aid drug store you could build overage/profit to pay for your milk. But I can't think of any situations where you can use coupons to finagle free/cheap milk at Target or Walmart, or grocery stores that don't double.

Teresita said...

My birthday is today too! I'm 26. So happy birthday and anniversary! My husband are working on our 2yr anniversary! Figures it's south, if I don't know where somewhere is, it's usually down south!

I have a silly question. Is Kroger it's own store? Smiths out here sells Kroger brand but when you post Kroger, it's it's own store right?

Melissa said...

Oh wow, how funny is that! I don't meet many people that share my birthday.

Happy Birthday! Hope you had a great one!

I haven't seen the backside of 26 in a couple years, lol.

That's about the same with me; I live in North Georgia, and don't know so much about South Georgia.

That's not a silly question, that's actually a really good question. I know there are several stores under the Kroger umbrella: Smith's and King Soopers and several others I can't remember the name of.
We don't have any of the other stores besides Kroger here, so I'm not really sure if they share the sales with the *Sister* stores or not.
I have seen some people post in the Kroger threads talking about the other stores, but I guess I don't pay much attention since we don't have those stores, so I don't retain the information, whatever they were talking about it.

I will start paying more attention and let you know if I can figure anything out about if they share sales or not.

Mrs. Babcock said...

Oh 26, feels like forever! haha I have almost 6yr old twins (dec/21) and a 10mo old baby. So I'm tired!

My birthday was great! The husband threw me a surprise birthday party! We NEVER do anything with family for mine haha so it was nice. I was at RA on the 15th and the lady next to me had to give her birthday, and it was the 16th! Same year as me, her cashier's nephew was the 16th, and my cashier was the 16th! I have never met so many people in the same day, who share my birthday! It was funny.

I called smiths today and they said that they only double about once a year. And they don't know which day it is *rolls eyes*. The person said they find out the night before, but that's ridiculous so I think I might go in there tomorrow and talk to a manager. I wish we had stores out here that double. I saw a blog the other day and her before was $1008. and after coupons she only paid $24!!!! OH my gosh, I get high when I pay $6 off a $25 purchase! haha, can't imagine getting that receipt!

Utah doesn't have any fun stores out here!

Melissa said...

*Note to self: Sell Utah property, not moving out there EVAH (or until they get decent, coupon-doubling, grocery stores!).


Glad you had a great birthday!
That is funny you running into so many peeps with your birthday this year. Must mean something, but I can't think what it could be.