Friday, September 3, 2010

Rite Aid

Shopping at Rite Aid was no good. Nothing in stock. I tried getting another Nivea; someone said they'd gotten another +UP buying a different "flavor"...didn't work for me.
Used other card for other Nivea, got +UP no problem.

I had to call CS on my favorite store today; the guy cashiering, who was wearing a blue shirt like a Manager but his nametag don't say Manager, said I could only use (1) +UP per item. I was trying to use to (2) $1.00 +UPs along with a $1.00 MQ.
I asked where it said "one per item", he pointed at the number bar code and said something about the number 49.
So I didn't argue, and went out to my car and called. The girl said I was supposed to be able to use multiple +UP's, it even said that in their Coupon Policy. So I took the phone back inside and gave it to the Cashier/Manager guy to talk to her.

He said the Store Manager told them only (1) Rite Aid coupon per item. (If that's true, this ain't gonna be my favorite Rite Aid for much longer!)

This is the same Store Manager that argued with me that the Manufacturer isn't paying for the +UP, and thinks Rite Aid is giving out "free money".

After talking to another Store Manager at another store, and she told me they'd gone to a meeting and were given packets explaining about coupons and wellness and +UP and alot of stuff; she said they were told that the Manufacturers sponser the +UPs, so that was money they were making! I kind of thought maybe I'd get an apology or some acknowlegment from that Store Manager that accused me of trying to get all that "free money" out of Rite Aid.
Apparently he either didn't attend the meeting, or slept through it and tried to decipher it on his own later.

Anyway, I got my $1.00 back in cash. I was still out $2.00 from the +UP that didn't print, but no big deal, my hubby loves the Nivea BW.

The next store I used $1.00 MQ and $2.00 +UP and got $2.00 +UP back, only paid tax.

Total $2.18 oop
Total $0.18 oop

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