Sunday, September 5, 2010

Rite Aid

(When am I ever going to learn to actually read the lists I make??)

First Rite Aid, I did three shops:
Trans #1 (Card #1)
Mead 1-subject notebooks on sale 4/2.00 (.50 each)
Buy 4 and get $1.00 +UP reward
$0.50 x 18 notebooks
-1.00/2 x 9 8/08 RP
= FREE x 18
Rec'd (4) $1.00 +UP rewards

2/$5.00 M&M's
Buy 2 get $1.00 +UP reward
$2.50 x 4 M&M's
-1.00 x 4  Pretzel M&M's 7/25 RP
= $6.00
Rec'd (2) $1.00 +UP

$2.99 Oral-B Cross Action TB x 2
-2.99 BOGO 8/15 RP
(should have also been a -.75 from 8.29 PG, but I cut out the TP instead of the TB one, duh)
Rec'd $2.00 +UP reward
($5.98 towards Oral Care SCR)

Used $5/$25
Used $3.00 +UP
Total $0.99 + .58 tax = $1.57 oop
Final Total $3.43 Profit

Trans #2 (Card #1)
$6.49 Airwick Freshmatic Ultra on 50% Sale x 5
-4.00 8/08 SS x  5

Used $5/$25
and $7.00 +UP rewards

Total .45 + 1.65 tax = $2.10 oop
Should have rec'd $10.00 +UP wyb $30.00 products, but it didn't work. Will be calling CS tomorrow.
Final Total $9.10 cost

Trans #3 (Card #2)
$5.49 Quantum Finish on 50% sale x 3
-3.00 7/18 SS x 3
$4.99 Airwick Mini I-Motions on sale 50% x 3
-4.00 Airwick 8/08 SS x 3

Used $5/$25
and $5.00 +UP rewards

Total .44 + 1.59 tax = $2.03 oop
Should have rec'd $10.00 +UP wyb $30.00 products, so have to call about it tomorrow.
Final Total $7.03 cost

*I probaly shouldn't have did this deal because I wasn't entirely clear on the items included in the $10 wyb $30 deal. The ad lists the Freshmatics, Ultras, and Mini in the 50% off sale, although more Airwick were also 50% off.  The sign in the store just says $10 wyb $30 of these Products, and has the Airwick logo, among others, making it seem like every Airwick item is included.

This is where me and Rite Aid are going to have a knock-down-drag-out if they say I didn't get the right stuff, and I try to take the stuff back, and they think they are only giving me a refund of the value AFTER coupon, as per their jacked up coupon policy.
I can't even imagine how anyone - whoever made up that policy - could think they could get away with keeping the coupon for reimbursement, getting the item back, and refunding the few cents you paid.

Second Rite Aid, I did two shops:
Trans #1:
$5.49 Quantum Finish 50% off sale
-3.00 7/18 SS
$4.99 Airwick 50% off sale x 4
-4.00 8/08 SS

Used $5/$25
and $1.00 +UP

Total .45 + 1.23 tax = $1.68 oop
*I didn't do this deal to try for the $10 wyb $30, but just because with the coupons and $5/$25 I could get the stuff for really cheap. I know, usually I go for free or profit, not really cheap, but my family likes air fresheners so I figured I could buy them cheap and get some "good daughter/neice" points, lol.

Trans #2:
*I didn't want to waste the rest of M&M coupons I had, when they had these in stock, so I figured out that if I bought (6) bags, and used (6) $1.00 off coupons and a $5/$25 and got back (3) $1.00 +UP, I was only spending $1.00 for (6) bags of M&M's.
Surprise! In addition to the (3) $1.00 +UP I got from M&M's, I also got a $5.00 +UP fro Mars I wasn't expecting.

$2.50 M&M's x 6
-1.00 7/25 RP x 6
Rec'd (3) $1.00 +UP M&Ms, and $5.00 +UP Mars

*The C.Booth coupon in the (long) ad is for the Derma line, not the regular stuff we got a few weeks ago, but this store had stuck the $5.00 off w/ ad coupon stickers on the regular stuff, so I figured I could get away with using the coupons.
The cashier wouldn't have said a thing about it, she said she didn't know the difference, but just so happened the/a Manager came up right at that time and said about the coupons in the ad weren't for the regular stuff. She'd already scanned my $5/$25 by then, so I didn't care if they took the C.Booth off, I really only got it for something free to get my total up to $25 or over.  But I said oh, well, then you might want to take the yellow stickers saying $5.00 off this stuff back there, so they let me have it using the coupons.

$4.99 C.Booth Honey Almond Body Butter
$4.99 Lavendar Bath Soak
-5.00 in-ad q x 2

Used $5/$25
and $4.00 +UP rewards

Total -.02 + .60 tax = $0.58 oop
Final Total $3.42 Profit

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