Thursday, August 12, 2010


Ok, all you peeps that made me go back to Target...I went. Got some good deals; others I could have skipped; several things I didn't find. Did (4) transactions, barely any problems. When one of the Merona shirt q's beeped, he said it wouldn't accept it, but when I showed him I had bought the item, he hit the button and didn't argue anymore.

Best deal: Green Giant head of Lettuce .99
-1.00 Produce Item Target IP = FREE (coupon self-adjusted to .99)

Not so great deal: learned not to buy produce by the piece or pound; coupon adjusts to only one piece or pound.

Chef Boy R Dee bowls .80
-1.00 Target IP = FREE (self-adjusted to .80)

Market Pantry (or Archer Farms?) crusty french bread loaf $1.29
-1.00 MP or AF Bakery purchase TQ = .29

I was having to buy my son some of the black socks for running anyway, so I was glad to find the C9's 3-pack for $6.99; I paid $1.99 after $5.00 TQ!

C9 Men's shirt clearanced at $5.58; I paid .58 after $5.00 TQ.

Merona tshirt clearanced $5.58, I paid $2.58 after coupon - could have skipped this deal, hubby didn't need another brown tshirt.
Merona sandals clearanced at $6.24, I paid $3.24 after coupon - another probably could have skipped, but maybe my oldest son will like/wear them.

Merona hooded shirts clearanced at $4.00, I paid $1.00 each after TQ.

$2.49 Bagel Bites - $1.00 MQ - $1.00 TQ = $0.49

$2.89 Digorno Pizza for One Deep Dish - $2.00 facebook q = $0.89

$2.29 Wonka bar - $1.00 IP - $1.00 TQ = $0.29

Scrubbing Bubbles deal:
$6.99 Sprayer
$3.49 refill
-5.00 Sprayer 6/13
-1.00 Refill 6/13
= $4.48
$5.00 gift card wyb both TQ 8/01 SS (regional)
= $0.52 profit

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