Sunday, August 29, 2010


I didn't get my $1.00 papers yesterday because we had to run some errands in a town where there aren't any Dollar Paper Sellers, and by the time I got back down to my regular shopping place yesterday evening, they were already gone.
No problem, though, because they are out on Sundays, too. I know they don't usually get out too early on Sundays, so after J left for work this morning I slept in, until nearly 11:00. (That was nice!)

I really only planned to get my papers and do a Rite Aid shop because the other stores sales weren't that great (for me) and also my house is in bad shape needing attention so I wanted to go on and get back and get some stuff done around here.

First place I go to where the DPS usually is...wasn't there.
So I drove on across town to where I had seen another one last week, or sometime. Wasn't there, either. It was still a little before Noon at this point, so I decided I was just too early, so I walked around a few minutes in the Family Dollar, checking out some prices. Yikes, I don't know how Walmart hasn't run them out of business.

After there I decided to go on down the street to Kroger and just buy a bundle paper for $3.00; cost me $1.00 more, but I hadda go.
After I bought the papers and was headed across the street to the Rite Aid it occured to me, I should buy papers at Rite Aid using all that Profit I earned last week!
But, turned out, Rite Aid didn't have bundle packs, only single papers, and I can't pay $2.00 per paper, Profit or not.

I finish my Rite Aid shop and head on out to the end of the road where I know there is always a DPS, and is also on the way home. It was about 1:15 at this point, so surely he should be there.
He wasn't there!!

It was either, go on to the next town, or come on home. I haven't bought papers here in awhile, I probably should just to check, but usually our area doesn't get the good coupons that the "Metro" area does, so to be sure I got the good coupons, I had to drive on to the next town.

Finally found the double bundles at CVS, so got (4) bundles (not pictured).

While I was there anyway, I went ahead and grabbed the Phillips in-ear headphones.
They are $6.99, get $6.99 ECB, so Free after ECB. Available Sun, Mon, & Tues only.

I usually don't buy FAECB items unless I have a $/$$, because with having to pay tax, stuff isn't really free at all.
But we use alot of headphones, so these were worth the cost of tax.

I was also looking for the BOGO Shick razors, but they are only the Quattro Titanium ones, not the Hydro, so no deal with my $5.00 q's.

There was also an Oral-B sale, buy (4) Indicator toothbrushes, use (2) BOGO q and .75/2 q, get some ECBs...anyway it worked out to like .23/4 toothbrushes. But I have so many toothbrushes at this point I don't even want to pay tax, much less .23 on anymore.

I see now on my shopping list there was a Crest Rinse deal; $3.97 get $2.50 ECB; use $2.00 8/01 P&G = Free + .53 mm.
Not sure why I overlooked that one in the store. 'Cuz I ain't got no sense I guess.

$3.00 Newspaper Bundles x 2
$6.99 Headphones
= $12.99
-12.99 ECBs
= $0.00 + $0.91 tax = $0.91 oop

Rec'd $6.99 ECBs
Final Total $6.91 cost x 2

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