Saturday, August 28, 2010


I'd been thinking for awhile about maybe getting a tattoo, but never could decide what to get, or where.
So now I've finally decided: I'm gonna get one running down my forearm that reads RAINCHECKS!!

Like that would do any good, considering how many times I've wrote MILK across the back of my hand in pen and still come home without any.

But really, it's pretty ridiculous, the time and miles I waste chasing out-of-stock stuff because I don't have sense enough to remember to get rainchecks.

So today that was my aim; being Saturday the stores should have pretty much been out of the Blink and water, but the first store I went in had them so I went ahead and did one deal.

$7.99 Blink
$10.00/10 Smartwaters
-4.00 Blink Peelie
-1.00/3 Smartwater x 3
= $10.99
-10.00 ECB
= $0.99 + .86 tax = $1.85 oop

Rec'd $7.99 Blink, $5.00 Smartwater
Final Total $1.14 Profit

The next store was oos, so I got two more Smartwater and two Blink rainchecks.
I was going into another store this evening, but forgot.

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