Sunday, August 8, 2010

Rite Aid

A day late and a dollar short, as usual! I couldn't get up the interest to go do all the Rite Aid shopping I'd wanted to do last week, but I knew I *had* to go today because I had a $7.00 and a $1.50 +UP expiring I had to get spent. Turns out, somehow my mental calendar missed a day; it went from the 6th to the 8th, so, +UP expired, and no, we ain't taking it, too bad too sad.
Oh well, thems the breaks. Snooze, you lose.

Deals I got this week:
$2.69 Crest Pro-health Sensitive
- .75 8/01 P&G
Get $2.69 SCR and $2.69 towards Oral Care SCR
= $0.75 Profit

$5.00/2 MnMs (I got 6 bags @ 2.50 each)
-5.00 (2) B2GO 8/01 RP
-4.00 (4) 1.00 off Pretzel M&M's 7/25 RP
(They didn't have any Pretzel ones and let me substitute)
-1.00/10.00 RA Wellness IP
Got back $1.00 +UP (Ad was $1.00 +UP on 2, it didn't give multiple on 6)
Final total $4.00/6

$1.59 Poligrip .75 oz. (Reg. $1.99)
-1.59 8/01 RP
(The Poligrip,, is BOGO50% this week, so I was figuring on not getting the 20% disc with my wellness card, but apparently since I only bought one, I got the disc. I didn't get more than one because if Poligrip is included in the Oral Care SCR, then I don't want to waste FREE coupons on half price stuff, when I can get the full price counted.)
= FREE and hopefully $1.99 towards Oral Care SCR

$4.29 Dry Idea deodorant
$0.00 BOGO Sale
-4.29 BOGO 7/25 RP
= FREE/2

$4.23 Visine Eye Drops (Reg $5.29)
-1.00 in-ad q
-2.00 8/08 RP or SS
Get $3.00 +UP
(This was another thing I wasn't counting on to get the 20% disc because there was an in-ad coupon and a +UP reward.)
Final Total = $1.77 profit

$1.35 Lacrosse Nail File
$0.67 Lacrosse Nail Emery Boards BOGO50% Sale
-2.00 (2) 1.00 6/13 or 7/11 RP
?Get (2) 1.00 SCR #75 (limit 2, this week only)?
The SCR says beauty tools; not sure if nail files count as beauty tools? Oh,well, if not, I only paid $0.02 after coupons and it helps to get up to the $25 threshold.
Final Total = $1.98 profit or $0.02 cost

$3.29 Scotch Pop-up Tape Dispenser
$1.64 Scotch Pop-up tape dispenser BOGO50% sale
-2.00 (2) 1.00 IP q's
Get $2.49 SCR #125
Wasn't expecting it, but I also got a $1.00 +UP reward for purchase of 3M tape/glue!
Final Total = $0.56 Profit

Used $5/$25 MyRiteAid IP q

Subtotal $5.72 + 1.11 tax = $6.83 oop
Rec'd $1.00 M&M, $1.00 3M tape, $3.00 Visine
SCR $2.69, $2.00, $2.49
Grand Total = $5.35 Profit (or maybe $3.35, if Lacrosse don't count)

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