Sunday, August 15, 2010


Another Target shop; I was thinking the whole time I ought to only do 1 transaction today and go back tomorrow/later when it's not so busy. But then again, I drive a good ways down there, so hate to pass up an opportunity, while I'm there, to get what I can.
The cashier was very nice, and said she could do all four transactions at one time, she had no problem with me having four of each of the TQs.

When you use TQs, it just takes off the cost of the item, bringing it to $0.00, and that's all you see displayed on the register, not the amount it took off. The total goes down, but my mental math ain't that quick.

I thought everything was going as expected until I saw that it only took .50 off for the $1.00/2 Five-Star mq's I was using. The cashier saw it, and took off the additional amount, and then just manually entered the coupons after that.
Then I noticed she was adjusting some other coupons, like the Bakery TQ. I asked her what it had taken off, she said .99. I said that's okay, that's the price of the bread. She nodded, but then adjusted a few other coupons, like the Chef-Boy-R-Dee.
Now, I'm thinking, that would be nice, except my total should only end up like $0.50 plus tax; if she's giving me overage, I'm gonna go in the neg and there'll be trouble.

My total came out to $2.92 + 1.54 tax = $4.46 oop
and I have no idea why; Can't make headsnortails out of this coupon. Oh well. That's part of the game; win some, lose some.

I got a catalina for $2/2 Ore Ida fries, so I went back and grabbed two boxes of Easy Fries on sale at .99 each. The coupon took off $1.98, and there was no tax. So FREEEEEEEE!
And I got another $2/2 catalina!!

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