Friday, August 20, 2010

Food Lion

(2) Transactions:
$0.56 Ronzoni elbows x 6 (BOGO $1.12) (The paper says Limit 2 Free, but the register obviously doesn't enforce that. All 6 of mine rang up .56 each)
$1.67/$1.66 Peter Pan Pnut Butter x 6 (3/$5 sale)
$0.99 2-ltr Coke product
$?.?? Planters Pnuts (free wyb 2 Coke products)

-0.50 (doubled) Ronzoni Blinkie x 6
-0.60 (doubled) Peter Pan ?insert? x 6

(The .50-doubled-to-1.00 Ronzoni q gave me .44 overage each. The .60-doubled-to-1.20 Peter Pan q made the pnut butter cost .47/.46 each. So in the end I only paid a few cents for the pnut butter.)

-2.00 OYNO

Total $0.14 + .27 tax = $0.41 oop each time

*The reason I went for (6) instead the (4) the paper listed as the limit is because I found a SmartSource dispenser thing hanging there with little booklets that say something about Enter for some prize or some such. When I opened it up there's a send in thing, Buy 6 and get $3.00 back.
So that turned today's shop into about a $5.00 profit.

I picked up several extras of these if anyone needs one or some, Holla.


Earthy Mama said...

I'll check my FL to see if they have any of those MIR thingees- if not, you know I'll take one! Thanks again for the RA inserts!! It really helped!!

Melissa said...

YW. Let me know if you need any from this week. I'm going to get my tail into RA early this week so I'll pick up a bunch of the ads.