Sunday, August 15, 2010


Augh, Wags is killin' me! I had (2) $10.00 RRs and (2) $1.00 RRs expiring today, and there wasn't anything to roll that big boy on.  I ended up getting (3) bundles of Sunday papers and a Head & Shoulders deal.
Also did the H&S deal two more times with a couple of $3.00 RRs I had. The H&S cost me .50 each, but there's rarely, if ever that I can recall, good sales on real dandruff shampoo.

I had planned on doing two paper/H&S deals and spending both $10 RRs, but they didn't have enough paper bundles.  Ended up being able to spend the RR at Food Lion and at least got stuff we'll eat.

The Right Guard was BOGO, and I used the BOGO from the 7/25 insert, so they were free.

$8.00/2 Head & Shoulders
-4.00 BOGO 8/0?
-1.00 8/15 RP
Got $2.00 RR
= $1.00, or .50 each

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