Saturday, August 21, 2010

Rite Aid

Man, I shoulda done alot better at Rite Aid this week, with the good Clearasil and C.Booth coupons. I dunno what happened.

I was looking to do another Mead 5-Star deal but the first Rite Aid we stopped at was cleaned out of the $4.99 ones. I did find a couple of the 2" binders on Clearance for $3.99. I asked the SS if they would still ring up BOGO, she said she didn't think so, but if not, she'd modify them to get them out of there. Not enough for the +UP reward or SCR, but they were free after coupons, so what the heck, I got them.

The cashier didn't like that I had coupons for them. I got the whole "you already got one free, we can't GIVE you money" spiel. Then the SS came up there and the girl told on me, and the SS said "Just scan them".

I also got a couple of Clearasil to qualify for another Glam Camp thing.

Total $0.61 + .88 tax = $1.49 oop
SCR Glam Camp thing

Then we stopped in the Rite Aid here at home; I figured people around here wouldn't be buying up the binders, lol.

I needed to spend $20.00 worth to get the $2.00 +UP, and a total of $25.00 for the $4.00 Mead SCR.
So I got (8) of the $4.99 5-Star 1-1/2" binders, and (2) 5-Star folders @ $1.99. Total $21.95

With the $3.99 clearance binders from the other store, total $25.94.

- $2.00 Mead 5-Star Binders ?insert? x 8
- $5/$25 RA IP

Total $0.95 (forgot to use my $1/$10 CRT!!) + 1.19 tax = $2.14 oop
Rec'd $2.00 +UP
SCR $4.00 Mead

Grand Total for the day $2.37 profit

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