Friday, August 20, 2010

Rite Aid

Nothing like getting to the store and discovering you only have (1) $5/$25 left.

I used it at the first store, a new-to-me one I never visited before. The cashier seemed pretty nice. I bought (2) Clearasil in the same order and she looked at the Clearasil coupons overlong. I figured she was going to bust me on the "One per Person" thing but all she did was ask if I had bought Clearasil and looked in the bag.
She said "they" were really coming down on them about coupons, people trying to use too many manufacturer coupons...I'm sure I looked like, Huh?...then she added, on one item. Ah.

$4.99 Mead 5-Star Binder
$0.00 Mead 5-Star Binder BOGO sale
$7.99 Complete
$5.59 Booth Triple Action etc. (w/ 20% disc)
$4.23 Clearasil (w/ 20% disc)
$4.39 Clearsail (w/ 20% disc)
= $27.19

-$5/$25 RA IP
-1.00 Complete Peelie
-2.00 Mead ?insert?
-2.00 Mead ?insert?
-6.00 Booth in-ad q
-3.00 Clearasil in-ad q x 2
-1.00 Clearsil ?insert? x 2

-3.00 +UP

Total $0.19 + 1.33 tax = $1.52
SCR $4.00 Mead, $7.99 Complete; Free Glam Camp (Don't know if I qualify for any C.Booth SCR)
Final Total $7.47 profit

At the next store I just got "free" stuff, having no $5/$25 to pay the difference in Clearasil or more Mead.
$5.03 C. Booth Shea Butter cream (w/ 20% disc)
$1.59 Poligrip (w/ 20% disc)
$0.50 candybars x 2
= $7.62

-6.00 C. Booth in ad q
-1.59 Poligrip ?insert?

Total $0.03 + .42 tax = $0.45
(Don't know if I qualify for any C.Booth SCR)
$1.59 towards Oral SCR
Final Total = Cheap Candy

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