Sunday, August 15, 2010


I had (still have) really no idea what's on sale this week at Kroger. But earning $1.75 profit everytime I do the crayon deal, it's crazy to not go and buy something as often as possible. Good time to stock up on canned goods or flour or such.

But then I walked into the first Kroger this morning and saw the sale paper on the display sign and LITTLE DEBBIE and GOLDFISH jumped right out at me.
Same deal as the 10/$10 Choc milk last week:
$2.25 (9) Crayons
$2.00 (2) Little Debbie and /or Goldfish
= $4.25 - $4.00 cat = $0.25 + tax = $0.43/0.47 (Cobb tax cheaper than Paulding)

I think I did about 12-13 transactions between 4 stores; they are running out of crayons, the last transaction I had to get pens, which cost .34/.33 each x 9 = $4.00, so I could only get (1) Little Debbie or Goldfish with that order.

I also spent one of my $4.00 cats on mark-down bread, it was all $0.49 each. Got 4 things of rolls, 2 loafa bread, and 2 buns.  Just paid tax, think it was $0.22, if I recollect rightly.

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