Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Kroger shop #2

My boys love, love, loooooooove chocolate milk; my youngest will put away at least a half gallon a day, so this 10/$10 4-day sale, coupled with the Crayon Cat deal, is like the best sale evah!

I did four trans at the Kroger store we stopped at earlier, and it was kindly busy, I didn't want to make a spectacle of myself, so I went later to the smaller, less busy Kroger up here in our county.
I started out doing (5) transactions, thinking, I'll do it again tomorrow, but then I thought, they'll be out of chocolate milk tomorrow, so I did (5) more. Teen boys were manning the self-checks, and they aren't going to say anything.

(10) Transactions:
$2.00 (2) Choc milks
$2.25 (9) Crayons
-4.00 OYNO
Total $.025 + .27 tax = $0.47 oop
Rec'd $4.00 OYNO
Final Total $0.47 x 10 = $4.70 oop

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