Thursday, October 6, 2011

True Value Sale/Rebate

True Value Hardware is having a sale on some rebate items that make the items Free After Rebate.
On Sale $4.00
On Sale $3.00

On Sale $4.00
In addition, there's a $5/$25 code FALL5N, so if you buy the Birdfeeder or Lopper, you end up getting the Lopper for free, or the Birdfeeder for .99 after Rebate.
On Sale $14.99           On Sale $15.99

I bought one each of the mouse trap, thermometer, pumpkin carving kit, and then the bird feeder for a total of $26.99 - 5.00 promo code + $1.89 tax = $23.88
Free Shipping by having it sent to my local store here in town,
Final Cost $2.88 after Rebate.

It was so easy-peasy to order online, sitting here in my PJs!

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