Tuesday, September 27, 2011


The thing I wanted from Walgreens this week was some of the trash bags for $2.99 w/in-ad coupon.
I used to buy Glad handle-tie trash bags from Walmart, costing $6 - $7 for 45 bags. To me, these Wags bags are as good as the Glads.
I got 30ct of the 13 gal tall kitchen bags, and 20ct of the 30 gal outdoor bags.
I would have liked to got more of the kitchen bags but they were all out, so I plan to try back again later in the week and hopefully be able to get somemore.

Sunday afternoon me and John had ran up to the Dollar General looking for something he needed (?) and we were looking around and he was looking at Arizona teas. I said Walgreens has those 2 for $1.00 this week if you're wanting some. Of course, he did.

So, while I was going to buy trash bags and Arizonas anyway, they had these razors $4.99, free after RR.
I bought a razor, paid $4.99 + tax, and got $5.00 RR back. Think it ended up costing me .34 tax or something.

Then I bought a box of trash bags and (4) Arizonas....because - even though I *know* better - I estimated the cost of those at $5.00.  Noooooo.....$4.99.
And of course you can't use a $5 RR to pay for $4.99 worth of merch at Wags.
So I grabbed another Arizona to cover the freakin penny.

Paid with $5RR and .78 oop.

Total cost $12.24 incl. tax

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