Saturday, September 17, 2011


omg, can you believe it, I actually spent money at Publix. Sometimes I'm a total sucker for those "Under $1.00" deals.

First off, I was carrying around a RC for 10 colas I didn't want to waste if I forgot to go to Publix in the next few weeks, so I wanted to get that cashed in, and bought 10 colas at .50 each.

I had some .35 off the Margaret Holmes veggies, which doubled to .70, and brought the cost of the Hoppin' John my husband likes down to .49 each (from $1.19).
I priced MH veggies at Kroger and they were $1.59, and didn't even have the Hoppin' John, so I thought this made for a good deal.
Until he told me his partner found these for .50 without coupon at Dollar General.  Had I known that, I could have used the . 35 q at DG and even without doubling I would have only paid .15 each. Grrr!

$2.49 BOGO Country Crock Spread
-  .40 Facebook IP (doubled to .80)
= .45 each

$2.09 BOGO Heluva Good Dip
-  .50 IP q (doubled to $1.00)
= .09 each

There's also this facebook $1.00  coupon for Limited Edition Buffalo Wing Dip, but I didn't see any of that at the store I visited.
I would love to find it and be able to stock up on that for so cheap. My husband makes some yummy hot wings.

$4.19 BOGO Honey Made Graham Crackers
- 1.00 IP (no prints remaining)
= $1.09 each

$3.69 BOGO Pepperidge Farms Milano Cookies
- .50 SS 6/26 (doubled to $1.00)
= .85 each  (this was one of those "Under $1.00" deals I fell sucker for. Hopefully somebody around here will eat these. We're not much into fancy cookies. Give us good 'ol Oreos, Chip Ahoys, and Graham crackers.)

$.45 Whiskas kitty food
- BOGO RP 7/24
= .23 each  (another "Under $1.00" deal. I can get cat food for .15 at Food Lion currently. But oh well, it wasn't that much, and Kitty will scarf it down like a meth addict.)

$3.49 BOGO Carolina Pride Smoked Sausage
- .50 SS 9/11 (doubled to $1.00)
= .74 each
(I think this was an unadvertised deal, I only saw it posted by someone in a comments section or message post.  I had another .50 coupon from a paper awhile back, I had torn out to use at Ingles or somewhere, but that deal didn't work out, and now I can't find that coupon again, dang it. .74 is a great price for this sausage.)

$3.59 Vitamin B6
-3.00/1 PQ Green Flyer
-1.00 RP or SS 9/11 (I think)
= +..41 overage

$3.00/4 Jiffy Pizza Crust Mix = .75 each
*These were only .69 a month ago. My math-itis kicked in and instead of checking it with my calculator, I came up in my head with some crazy number like 3.00 divided by 4 boxes is .49 cents or something crazy like that.  Imagine my surprise when I got to the register and they rang up .75 each.
Then I was like, oh heck! Did I not remember pizza crusts were cheaper at Food Lion anyway???
(No, I just checked back, they are/were .89 at FL, so I still got a better deal.) But I wonder what these are going to cost after this sale is over???

$1.99 lb. Boston Butt pork roast
*Kroger had it on sale for $1.77 lb this week, but it's packaged like at a warehouse, looked like it was shot full of goop or fat or something. Anyway, I like to be able to get my roasts cut up into smaller sizes to be able to throw right into the freezer when I get home, and I'm just lazy enough to pay .20 extra to be able to get that done and not have to try to saw in the thing myself.  Anyway, the Kroger one just didn't look as fresh or good  as the Publix ones, so I think it was worth it.
$8.69/ 4+ lbs.

$1.77 lb. Pork Spare ribs
*Didn't know these were on sale, but I saw them and it was a big 'ol tray of them for like $6.87 and they looked fresh and good.  My husband will smoke us some delish bbq ribs.  He said I should have gotten more.  I told him to go when he gets off work at the fire station Monday morning, he'll already be halfway there.

Final Total $31.20 + 1.47 tax = $32.67 oop
Saved $39.61
Saved a little more than 50%, so I guess that's pretty good.

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