Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Food Lion

My big deal at Food Lion today was .99 cent Breyer's ice cream.
Some markets had it on sale for BOGO, but in the Atlanta area it was on sale for $1.99.
Used .50/1 Breyers Blasts IP , doubled to $1.00, making it .99 each.

Ground beef this week is on sale for $1.99 lb, but I found a couple packages marked about 30% off, so I paid $1.69 lb. (9.75 lbs)
Also found some Food Lion Sliced Turkey sandwich meat marked down to $1.95.
Oscar Meyer Beef hot dogs were on sale BOGO $4.29, or $2.15/$2.14 each.

Mt, Olive pickles are BOGO $2.99 ($1.50 each) this week
Use .50/1 SS 8/28, doubled to $1.00
= .50
(My store had the little cups of mini dills on mark down for $1.49, so I got those instead.)

Van Camp's Pork & Beans sale 2/$1.00, or .50 each.

Marcal toilet paper $1.25
- 1.00/1 RP 7/31
 = .25

Eggs were $1.49 each.
I still had one of the .55/2 Incredible egg IPS, doubled to $1.10
= .94 each

$ .69 Food Lion Pinto Beans (maybe a little cheaper at Walmart, not sure, but I was already there)
$2.59 Milk (cheaper than our Walmart)

Total $44.43 including tax


Cheap&Sweet said...

I'm almost mad! I swear I get to thinking about couponing back in the day and im all rawwr! Remembered when food lion had awesome IP coupons and you could go back and forth between FL an publix scoring free $#!^ all day long? lol I need a good fix.

Oh ya great deals and I can not tell any difference between your plant either.

Melissa said...

I know what you mean, Paige. Paying for stuff again after not having to for a so long is painful.

I did, however, discover that apparently Food Lion still does put out FLips. Someone at Southern Savers mentioned them and I looked under Printables/Food Lion, and sure enough there they were.
Used to she put a reminder at the top of her post, but now she don't, so I guess I assumed they didn't have them anymore.

This week there's a .50 off Capri Sun, which are on sale for $1.79 at Publix, so they'd be $1.29. I used to pay around $1.00 a box, so counting inflation, I guess $1.29 isn't that bad, if you buy them anyway.

There's also a $1.00 Chips Ahoy, which would have been great to use on BOGO sale or stacked with a MQ, if there was any such a thing available at the same time anymore.