Thursday, September 15, 2011


I was interested in the Special K cereal sale at CVS today; 3/$9, get $3.00 ECB.
There was a $1/3 coupon in the 9/11 RP, for a final total of 3/$5 after ECB, or $1.66 each.
(Thanks, Melissa Loves Coupons)

Which is maybe a pretty good price for Special K cereal, the way things have been going lately, although I can't say for sure, since I haven't really been following the sales too much.

Anyhoo, back when the Zyrtec 5 ct was on sale for $5.99, free after EBC, I ended up with a (some) raincheck(s) for them. I also found some booklets with $3.00 off ANY Zyrtec coupons, so voila', $3.00 profit each time.

So I used one today, to be able to use the profit against the cost of the cereal.

$5.99 Zyrtec
-3.00 booklet coupon
= 2.99 oop (+ tax)
6.00 ECB earned

$9.00/3 Special K
-1.00/3 RP 9/11
-6.00 ECB
= 2.00 oop (+tax)
3.00 ECB earned

Final total for cereal $1.99 (+ tax), or .66 each.

Now thaaaat's a pret-ty good price for Special K cereal. Plus, we actually use Zyrtec, so Bonus!

I didn't really check out the sale ad before I went, so I didn't know about the free after ECB CVS allergy meds or Rephresh tampons until I got there.  The allergy meds were all out, o'course, so I got a RC. For the tampons, I know there used to be a coupon, so I wanted to come home and check before I bought them.

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