Friday, October 21, 2011

The Wal's


Previously when I bought those littler bags of Brach's candies, I didn't know there was a monthly deal on these larger bags for $1.00 each after RR.
I bought a couple of bags a couple of weeks ago, then a couple more a week or so ago (I don't think I posted that shop because it was a Fail). Tomorrow is the last day they are on sale for that price so I went ahead today and stocked up on a few more bags.

Since I was going to buy the candy anyway, they have a sale this week on Wags Ultra Thin Pads 18ct. only, Free after $2.00 RR.
So I bought the Pads, paid $2.14, got $2.00 RR

The candy was 2/$3.00, used $2.00 RR and paid $1.09 cash, got $1.00 RR

Spent $1.00 RR on 2/$1.00 Arizona Teas, paid .03 tax

Total $3.26 for package of Pads, 2 bags candy, and 2 Arizona Tea

I did the pad/candy/tea deal three times (wanted to do 5, but they only had 3 pads in stock), then I bought 10 Arizona teas in addition because my family likes them.


Found a Walmart with the Crest Complete trial size toothpastes for .97, so I used the $2.00 q's from (insert?) for overage to purchase some items I needed: spray adhesive and paint roller things.

I bought the spray adhesive and (4) toothpastes (as limited by the coupon) and paid .40 oop. My son bought the paint roller things and (4) toothpastes and got .10 back.

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