Sunday, October 9, 2011

Food Lion

This week Food Lion has a Pepsico deal, buy $15.00, get $3.00 off instantly.
Pepsi products are on sale for $1.50, and I still had some of the .55 off Pepsi Max blinkies, which Double at my Atlanta area store.
$1.50 x 10 = $15.00
-1.10 x 10
-3.00 instant savings
= $1.00 for 10, or .10 each!

$2.99 Kraft Sliced Cheese BOGO
- .55 (doubled to $1.10) blinkies (found at Kroger/Publix last month)
= .39 each

$1.00 Betty Crocker Boxed Taters
-$1.00/2 or .50/2 (doubled to $1.00) IPs, 9/11 GM, and Peelies
= .50 each

$.80 Vlasic Sweet Relish (BOGO, half price)
-1.10 (.55 doubled 9/11 SS)
= +.30 overage

$4.29 Lay's Chips BOGO sale
No coupons, but $2.14 each is a buy price for these

Marked down meats: ground beef, ground round, bonless pork chops

Not pictured: Approx. 13 cans of Longhorn snuff, on sale BOGO $1.89. Stocked up for huntin' season.


Cheap&Sweet said...

Wow you did awesome! Wish They would double down this way!

MelisalovesCOUPONS said...


Melissa said...

This was a good sale. We needed the potatoes and I love to keep stocked up on cheese.

The Pepsi deal would have been better for me if it wasn't the Max stuff. I don't love the zero calorie drinks. They taste eww.