Monday, February 8, 2010


I had a BUNCH of transactions to do at Walgreens today, but only got two done and I had to go.
Checking out the first transaction, the young Punk 20-something boy cashier thinks he knows more about using coupons than I, a 40-something year old Mom, do. He really touched a nerve, and I let him know in no uncertain terms I didn't appreciate it, him, or that store at all.
I went and shopped for my next transaction, ready to dare him to give me trouble again. But when I got back up there he was leaving for lunch and there was an older lady cashier (groaaaan). She didn't give me any trouble with my coupons, and didn't say anything rude, but her attitude was just crap. She didn't greet me, and didn't say anything until she told me my total, and when I handed her my coupons she was jerking them off the stack and flinging them in front of the scanner. She grabbed two of them together and when I tried to tell her there were two coupons stuck together she was like "What?". You would have thought I'd cussed at her.

After that I said scah-rew-ew-ew-ew this! I can go to my Good Walgreens later.

Transaction #1:
$5.99 Dove Men's Body Wash
$3.00 Kotex Tampons
$3.00 Kotex Tampons
$2.00 Super Poligrip
$1.99 Hall's x 4
$0.67 3 Musketeers x 4
= $24.62

-0.71 3 Musketeers Wags in-ad Q
-4.00 Hall's Wags in-ad Q
-1.50 Dove Men's IP
-1.50 Super Poligrip IP
-1.00/2 Hall's
-0.99 Hall's Bogo (the smartass little knowitall punk wouldn't
-0.99 Hall's Bogo put in $1.99 for the price)

-10.00 RR

Total $2.43 = 1.32 tax = $3.75 oop
RRs Earned: $1.50 3 Musketeeers wyb 4; $6.00 Dove; $2.00 Super Poligrip; $3.00 Kotex
Final: $1.25 cost

Transaction #2:
$5.99 Dove Men's Body Wash
$8.99 Gillette Fusion Razor
$2.00 Super Poligrip
$5.99 Book "Acheron" by Sherrilyn Kenyon
$10.89 (11) Nabisco Cookies
= $33.86

-1.50 Dove Men's IP
-1.50 Super Poligrip IP
-4.00 Gillette Razor
-10.00 Nabsico $1/1 MQs

-10.00 RR
- 5.00 RR

Total $1.86 = 1.94 tax = $3.80 oop
RRs Earned: $6.00 Dove; $2.00 Super Poligrip; $4.00 Gillette
Final: $6.80 cost

Final Total:
Value of items: $58.48
RRs Spent: $25.00
Cash Spent: $4.29 + 3.26 = $7.55
RRs Earned: $24.50
Final: $8.05 cost


Cheap&Sweet said...

Hey Mellisa, I was just thinking about that niviea deal At rite aid. I am thinking 7 x $2.99 is $20.93 minus a $5/$20 Q and 7 $2.00 off Q's =$1.93 + tax plus get back a $5 gift card or somthing?

Melissa said...

I answered you in the other post...this would work if you just wanted 7 Nivea.
I was just thinking along the lines of getting near as to the $15.00 you have to spend on the Nivea (my mind is trained to work that way, lol).
You're right, it is a $5 gift card wyb but $15 Nivea.

Melissa said...

...wyb $15 Nivea...not "but"...

luverlie said...

I'm in awe! I am out of a job and no income coming in and really pinching pennies. Is there a site for someone who doesn't understand the lingo, has no coupons and no idea where to start?
I so want to do this, but my head is spinning. Is there a 'couponing for dummies?" anywhere on the internet to give you step by step guidance to get you started into a life of couponing? I've been buying generic at off brand stores, but your savings are much better for name brand products.
I can't afford to go and buy costly and make mistakes couponing. Things are just that tight.
I really, really, really need some help to get started.
I have a CVS and Walgreens within 1 mile, Walmart, Target, maybe 5 miles and Kmart, Kroger, RiteAid - 10-15 miles.
Thanks for listening and hope you can help.

Melissa said...

Hi Luverlie, welcome here. Where I learned to coupon shop was mainly at Southern Savers (link in right side menu). Jenny runs the site and has alot of Getting Started guides and tutorial videos. The links to those are at the top of her page.

After that look at the current sales posted on the site and start learning how to apply the basics; you want to use your coupon coupled with sales. Just using a coupon on a regular priced item isn't going to be very effective.

Also spend alot of time reading people's comments on Southern Savers and other shopper's blogs, and messages board forums like Hot Coupon World and Slickdeals. This is where you'll learn to put together Scenarios for saving the most and spending the least.

Do you have any coupons now? Are you able to print coupons? If so, from how many computers?
You also need to go ahead and sign up for CVS and Kroger loyalty cards.