Sunday, February 28, 2010


Walgreens didn't look that great to me again this week, but I figured I'd better try to salvage at least some RRs, rather than blowing them again like I did last week (and BTW, the can opener sucked! First time I tried using it, new out of the box, it wouldn't open the can). 
Anyway, turned out it was a better week than it first looked.

$5.99 Purex
$0.00 Purex BOGO Sale
-5.99 BOGO MQ 2/21 RP
*Note, Purex is BOGO all month, but the BOGO MQ expires this Saturday, March 6th, so you might want to get your detergents this week if you want them free.

$3.99 Nivea Lip
$3.99 Nivea Lip
-3.99 BOGO MQ 2/07 RP
-6.00 Wags in-ad Q
= +2.01 overage

$1.59 Reach Prevent
$1.59 Reach Prevent
-1.00 any Reach T/B 6/14 SS
-1.59 Reach T/B BOGO 1/03 RP
-1.20 Wags Q
= +$0.61 overage

$2.99 Colgate Advanced
-1.50 MQ Tearpad
= $1.49
Get $2.00 RR = +$0.51 profit after RR

$5.00 Nyquil/Dayquil x 4
$2.39 Puffs x 2
-1.50 Nyquil/Dayquil x 4 2/07 PG
-2.39 Puffs wyb Vicks x 2 2/07 PG
= $14.00
Get $10.00 RR = $4.00 after RR

$1.99 Kleenex x 3
$0.00 Kleenex BOGO Sale x 3
-0.55/3 Blinkie Q x 2
= $4.87
Get $3.00 RR = $1.87/6 after RR

$4.99 Children's Tylenol
$4.99 Children's Tylenol
-3.00/2 MQ 2/28 RP
Get $5.00 RR = $1.98/2 after RR
*Should have been free but my Children's Booklet Q wouldn't work.

$1.99 Starbucks
-1.00 IP Q
-0.74 Wags in-ad Q

$0.99 Nabisco Cookies
-0.99 ($1.00 MQ 1/24 SS adjusted down)
= Free

$0.50 Shoelaces (Filler)

$5.00 4 newspapers

Value of Items: $271.47
RRs Spent: $27.00
Cash Spent $6.12 + 10.97 tax = $17.09
RRs Rec'd: $34.00
Final Total: $10.09 cost (Should have been $4.59. Mistakes are costly)


Quentella said...

Yes, mistakes are costly! If it's over a dollar, I'll usually go back and try to correct it, if possible. It hurts deep down inside when you have to come off more money than expected. I cringe when I'm grocery shopping and I see someone spending loads of money for a few items.

I ordered 20 Purex q's on Ebay. Hopefully they'll be here before the sale ends. I'm hoping other couponers/shoppers don't hit the store I'm planning on going to before I do. LOL My husband asked me where was I planning on putting all that laundry detergent. I told him with the other 15 or so boxes/bottles of laundry detergent we already have. LOL

On the Kleenex deal, I don't recall an ecb offer. When I go to get my Purex I'm going to do this deal. I'm down to 1 box of Scotties and I use a box a week because of my horrible sinus issues. And my store didn't even have the Reach toothbrushes. The manager said they "might" be on the truck Tuesday.

My fav store had about 20 boxes of Clairol Perfect 10 hair color on clearance for like $2.29. Do you think I can use a couple $5 q's and get away with the overage? Or should I just leave this one alone?


Melissa said...

You generally can't get away with coupon overage at Walgreens. Maybe in very rare instances you can find a cashier that will just enter it manually, but I really doubt it.

Some Walgreens will enter the coupon for the amount of the item, in this case $2.29, giving it to you for free.
Alot of them just won't accept it at all.

You could buy 3 boxes and use 1 coupon, which leaves you paying $1.87 oop.
But if you can find enough boxes, you could buy 9 boxes, use 4 coupons, and only pay $0.61 for them all.

One other way to do it, is to buy 3 boxes, use 1 coupon, then after they scan the coupon, say like, "Oh, I don't seem to have my other coupon for those...Can you take one of those off? Sorry, Thanks".
In that case you would end up with .42 overage.
You could actually try to get 2 of the boxes removed and end up with more overage.

I don't particularly recommend that method on account of most Managers don't really understand coupon redemption, and the cashier might get in trouble. I like my cashiers and don't want to cause them trouble.

If you did ever try it, though, as you know the store does get reimbursed the full amount of the coupon and wouldn't be losing anything, so you're not stealing or causing them loss.

I didn't know about the Kleenex ECB deal either...I read it at Brandy's (I prefer publix) blog...I guess it might be a monthly ecb deal.

That's right, as long as they keep giving me laundry detergent, I'll keep packing it in here where ever I have to, lol.

Quentella said...

Thanks for the tips! I never find deals with so much overage and wanted to know if it was doable. I'll probably just buy 2 boxes for every 1 q. I'll have other stuff in my order, so it'll probably go unnoticed, unless the q beeps.

I hate when cashiers/managers don't know about coupons. If only they would take a minute to learn. Here's an example of how simple some are.

I went in Rite Aid on Sunday to get 2 boxes of Kashi cereal ( which is currently bogo ) with a free q. The cashier rings up my stuff, I hand her my q and she says you can't use this because the cereal is already on sale. lol

I explained several times about the q paying for the 1st box and Rite Aid giving me the 2nd free. I even explained that the q was basically like cash. I finally gave up on trying to get her to understand, because she was just clueless.

I asked for manager, but there wasn't one on duty. I told her I'll come back the next day. Before I left, she told me to just come back next week when the cereal goes off sale. lol Wouldn't that would defeat the purpose of getting 2 boxes free? lol

I did fire off an e-mail to Rite Aid about this store, which I always seem to have a problem using coupons at.

Melissa said...

The coupon will beep if you try to do 2 boxes, because $2.29 x 2 only adds up to $4.58.
You'd have to buy 3 boxes, or get 3 and then have them take one off after the coupon is scanned.

Wow, that cashier is like from the Stone Age. They should all know by now that you can use a BOGO with a BOGO sale.
Do you carry a copy of the Official Rite Aid Policy? That helps sometimes.

It's good you wrote Corp about it. They should get them trained.

Quentella said...

Ok, I didn't realize it would beep if the price was less than the q. I'm a CVS'r and not too familiar with the workings of Walgreens. Will it work if I use (1)$5 q & (1)$1 q?

No, I don't carry the coupon policy. But, I know for a fact that this particular store has the policy taped to the divider between each register. But, it might be a good idea to carry my own, so that they know I know the policy too.

The coupon wasn't a BOGO q. It was a Vocalpoint q for a free box of Kashi cereal. So, there really shouldn't have been a problem.

I tried the BOGO Mars deal ( with the BOGO Mars q ) a few months back at this store and it was one big headache. They were trying to make me purchase 1 extra candy bar, so that I would actually be paying for something. I had to explain that I was paying for them, since the q was a few cents under the retail price, plus the tax.

Melissa said...

If you buy (3) boxes at $2.29, and use (1) $5.00 and (1) $1.00 coupon, that will still have to pay about .87 oop.

I'm not sure how many coupons you have altogether, but if you can figure it up to get more boxes, combining the coupons, to make your oop cost less. For instance if you bought (6) boxes = $13.74 - $5.00 x 2 - $1.00 x 3 = .74 oop.

You get twice as many boxes, for less out of pocket cost doing it that way.

Well that was really crazy of them to not let you use the Vocalpoint coupon.

I had that problem a few months ago when there was a Covergirl BOGO sale and I had BOGO coupons. They were trying to tell me I needed to buy (4), to get (2) free, or some crap like that. Made no sense whatsoever.

They don't give me anymore trouble at that store now though :-)

Quentella said...

Thanks for your help with the q's! I was finally able to get all my laundry detergent & hair dye today!